Calypso dans l'archipel des Tuamotu.

22 May 2017:

Calypso refitting has now reached the bridge, soon we will have images of the closed hull and a new bridge.

7 Mar 2017:

The frames are almost all installed and the beams are ready. Refitting on should reach the bridge within the next six weeks.

31 Jan 2017

The frames are still being installed: the first row on the lower part and all along the bridge. Four beams have been prepared (see two on photos).

The Volvo engines have been tested and work correctly.

As previously mentioned the very low temperatures in Turkey had obliged us to build a greenhouse in which Calypso is maintained at a temperature above 12°C to allow the new beams and ribs to dry.



16 Dec 2016

Calypso is under an air-insulated cover now as the glulam used to restore Calypso must be kept at a certain temperature in order to work effectively.

The frame replacement will be finalized by the end of this week. Forecastle frames are also being installed in continuity with the hull side frames so that they will be completed at the same time.




3 Nov 2016

As the shed was being built, the naval architect and the carpenters were working hard to remove all the defective parts and replace them with the new ribs.



27 Sep 2016

We plan to move CALYPSO inside the shed this Saturday 1st October 2016 . The weather forecast is good for the entire week, so it should be OK for the concrete and moving operation.

We are installing external supports from the cradle to the hull bilge, which will help to keep the hull’s shape during the operation.


8 Sep 2016

Calypso has been lifted from her barge and is now headed to the brand new shed for the restoration work to begin.

Calypso is on the way to the shed to undergo work that will have her sailing again.

26 Aug 2016

Calypso’s shed is almost completed. We will be able to put her under shelter by early September.

Calypso part 3

22 Jul 2016

The team of carpenters has been chosen and the preparation work is ongoing, as we can see in these images.
The outside temperature is between 34 and 37 degrees.
The shed should be built by the end of August ensuring Calypso and the team are sheltered before autumn.

7 Jun 2016:

Experts of different nationalities ( Italian, Turkish, American ) have ascertained that the keel will be saved. Marco Cobau has had it realigned after an arc was formed due to heavy weight put on the front and back of the boat during its lifetime. Today the keel is straight.The aim is to restore the vessel and modernize its navigation system.
The shed in which Calypso will be sheltered during the work is currently under construction.