The Cousteau Society has partnered up with The Wave: Project Zero to produce a stunning piece of art which is currently on display in New York at 125th Street and Park Avenue, NY.

The art piece is called “Denise”,inspired from the name of Captain Cousteau’s diving saucer.  Denise helped Cousteau and his crew explore the depths of the world’s oceans and show the world never before seen footage of the ocean’s wonders, revealing secret’s of life below the surface to millions of viewers.

Denise was created as part of #LAMERWAVEWALK, an initiative by Project Zero in which “art waves inspired and influenced by the ocean” are being displayed all over New York and sold by auction. This unique piece of art weighs 85lbs (38kg) and measures about 1,20 metres.


You can bid to win Denise here:

Denise, The Cousteau Society 2017

Half of the proceedings from the sale of Denise will go towards the Cousteau Society’s programs which aim to protect the ocean for current and future generations while the other half will go to the wave in support of the following ocean conservation projects:

Protecting and Restoring Mangroves in the Caribbean

Sustainability in the East China Sea

Creation of a Chain of Marine Protected Areas in the Azores


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