Francine Cousteau, President of the Cousteau Society, has confirmed that Parice Quesnel will be in charge of coordinating the release of Calypso from the Concarneau shipyard.
Patrice Quesnel, a former America’s Cup participant for Baron Bich and Captain of the Alcyone, is well-versed in all matters regarding the Calypso, having been in charge of monitoring and coordinating her situation since 2001.Patrice Quesnel_Calypso

“Captain Quesnel’s mission is to find, meet and coordinate with the various partners who will be taking part in Calypso’s exit from the shipyard.
It is a very specific process which requires both logistical expertise and diplomatic acumen. Over the course of the last  15 years, Patrice Quesnel has largely proven his abilities in these two fields and I have complete confidence in his capability to successfully carry out this program. I am also certain that the enthusiasm sparked by the fantastic news of the ship’s rebirth will help him to find all the necessary support from those he will be working with” as said Francine Cousteau.