SPEAKERS : Rémy Marion, film maker, photographer, editor and
founder of the ngo Pôles Actions; Tarik Chekchak, Director for
Science and Environment of The Cousteau Society; Eric Rehm Research
Associate International Mixte Unit Takuvik, University Laval Canada.

WHEN : Saturday 5th November, 17.00 to 17.45

WHERE : Unesco Climate Generation Pavilion/le Bourget (Climate
Generation Areas, open to the public).


JWRX0I5tmxaOIno_aUYROH0Dj_s8qqonrkrkP4xseo0,ToGLlPEUf5OD7ttrLMkiX6E0dKGDpVfkfRnzOJR5BWYOur climate is already changing rapidly in the arctic at a rate
twice higher then the rest of the world. Major glaciers are
retreating, and summer sea ice may disappear even before 2040.
Changes in the Arctic also affect important sea and land ecosystems
and will impact charismatic species such as polar bears. Local
communities are also impacted and what is happening there could also
influence the rest of the world because the Arctic plays a special
role in the patterns of regional weathers and oceanic currents.