With our most affectionate thoughts, Happy Birthday to JYC.

Paris 11th June.

Dear JYC,

The Cousteau Team was at the Oceans Conference in New York to defend your vision and your work, as it is in Turkey to rebuild the Calypso.

After 20 difficult years without you, Calypso will sail again, today its hull is closed. Following torrid times we now have a boat again and we are ever so proud to have reached this stage.

We still receive messages every day from people who tell us that it is your work that inspired them to do what they do now, from filmmakers to marine biologist to divers and many other fields. The Cousteau documentaries remain unmatched, as can be seen by the amount of people who join in for the #CousteauWeekend series, during which we share one film per week. The grounbreaking films, Calypso, the red hat your pioneering inventions and environmental care all form the powerful legacy you have left us.

Tomorrow I want the rights of those who succeed us to be inscribed in the duties of those who exist. If by my work I have allowed my children and those who are not yet born to live in the symphony of the world, I will have fulfilled my mission.

Jacques-Yves Cousteau

An extraordinary life you led and we are grateful for the many lessons you have taught us.

Happy Birthday Captain Cousteau, Captain Planet.

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