The Cousteau documentaries are unique in their genre. When they were broadcast on TV people from around the world would tune in every Saturday to follow the adventures of the Cousteau Team as the Captain Jacques Cousteau gave the world the chance to gaze through a window at a World they had never before seen.

Since October 1st, 2016 we have been broadcasting a Cousteau documentary for free right here on our website as part of the #CousteauWeekend program. Allowing you all to rediscover the magic that is a Cousteau film. For the holiday season, we have decided to give you the opportunity to dive back into the World once again as the Cousteau Team explored it. All 10 films which were broadcast during our #CousteauWeekends are available up until Saturday January 21st 2017.

Enjoy the show !


01/10/2016 : The World Without Sun

1963, Captain Cousteau and his team of divers attempt an unprecedented experience. They are going to live in an artificial submarine village leaning against a coral reef, at 11 and 26 meters deep, in the Red Sea.

08/10/2016: Voyage to the Edge of the World

During 4 months, Captain Cousteau and his team sailed the Antarctic ice on the Calypso, revealing to the most beautiful riches of what was at the time the unknown continent.

15/10/2016: Lilliput in Antarctica

Captain Cousteau chooses six children, representing each continent, to join him on an expedition in Antarctica. The Cousteau Society return to the setting of Voyage to the Edge of the World.

22/10/2016: The Golden Fish

This silent film from 1959 tells the story of a little boy who wins a goldfish at a fair. Henceforth a lovely little adventure unfolds.

29/10/2016: Calypso’s Legend

Discover the amazing story of Captain Cousteau and the Cousteau Team’s formidable ship Calypso.” For over 50 years, on all the seas of the world, Calypso would be my inseparable companion, my loyal steed galloping over mountains of foam. ” Jacques-Yves Cousteau

5/11/2016: Deeper, Further, Longer

” We brought the flame of knowledge underwater… “ Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

12/11/2016: Lake Baikal

Within the borders of Siberia and outer Mongolia, 4200 kilometers from Moscow, Calypso divers plunge into  crystal waters, the Pearl of Siberia, Lake Baikal.

26/11/2016: Across China with the Yellow River

High in the province of Qinghai, where China’s Yellow River rises, Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s team begins its grand film fresco of the Kingdom of the Middle.

3/12/2016: Diamonds of the Desert

The Cousteau team tracks diamonds hidden in the sand all the way to the ghost town of Sperrgebeit – “the forbidden zone”.

10/12/2016: South Africa, Sanctuaries for Life

Charting the same course as the Portuguese navigators who explored southern Africa in the late 15th century, Alcyone cruises the coastal waters of the African peninsula.