The Cousteau Odyssey is a real adventure of the natural world, covering within itself a huge range of geographical and historical subjects on a global scale. Join famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau on his beloved vessel, Calypso, as he heads to the depths of the sea to commune with the remarkable creatures which call it home.  Every weekend from the 28th January 2017 to the 15th April 2017 we shared a documentary from “the Cousteau Odyssey” as the masterful maritime expert,  Captain, took viewers all around the world on his investigations of shipwrecks and rarely visited lands.

These films are available until the 30th June 2017 in homage to the 20 years since Captain Cousteau passed on.

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1. The Nile I & II

A breathtaking trip down earth’s longest river reveals its fabled past and complex present.


2. Calypso’s Search for Atlantis I & II

Across oceans and islands, the Calypso crew follow the historic trail of one of humankind’s greatest detective stories.


3. Clipperton, the Island Time Forgot

Six hundred miles off Mexico’s Pacific coast, the now barren Clipperton Island has a striking history of human survival and inhuman depravity.

4. Calypso’s Search for the Britannic

The WW1 hospital ship Britannic exploded and now lies at the bottom of the Aegean Sea. This unsinkable vessel’s remains may solve its mysteries. 

5. Time Bomb at 50 Fathoms

A man-made nightmare -900 sunken drums of poisonous chemicals- is the salvage quarry off Italy’s southern coast in a desperate race against time?

6. Lost Relics of the Sea

Long lost shipwrecks of the Mediterranean and Caribbean yield fascinating discoveries. Explore for salvage sunk in fierce sea battles and devastating forces of nature.

7. Diving for Roman Plunder

Calypso attempts to retrieve objects and archeological evidence from a sunken ancient Roman gallery.


8. Mediterranean, Cradle or Coffin

Discover the troubling impact of industry, urbanisation, tourism and fishing on the fragile beauty and bounty of this virtually landlocked region


9. Mammals of the Deep

Trace the evolutionary history of seals, dolphins, whales and other marine mammals while visiting beautiful never before filmed locations in North and South America

10. Blind Prophets of Easter Island

Explore the riddle of the colossal 1000-year-old stone heads of Easter Island and the even more puzzling history of the Atoll’s inhabitants.