coucouAt the time of its incorporation in 1973, Captain Cousteau granted to The Cousteau Society an exclusive worldwide perpetual royalty-free licence to use his name, his image, his works, his signature and trademarks. Since then, this license has been continuously used.

This agreement has been formalized in writing in 1995, and has been used worldwide in legal actions to have The Cousteau Society’s rights recognized.

Agreement JYC and TCS

Agreement JYC and TCS

The Cousteau Society delegates these rights to no other party.The Cousteau Society uses these rights for its own activities and activities of the not-for- profit associations Equipe Cousteau and Cousteau Divers.

Due to this license, the law applicable in some countries to the use of the image, the name and the works of a deceased public figure, does not apply to Captain Cousteau. Violators will be prosecuted, as they were when Captain Cousteau was alive.

COUSTEAU name use rights

The use of the Cousteau name, and the significance attached to Captain Cousteau’s image and works, are exclusive rights of the associations The Cousteau Socicety, Equipe Cousteau and Cousteau Divers.

Any use of Captain Cousteau’s name and renown by third parties will be considered as a counterfeit and be prosecuted.

The names Calypso and Alcyone are copyrighted trademarks too and the exclusive property of The Cousteau Society.

Any abuse must be reported to