Welcome back to the Cousteau Weekend Odyssey.

The Cousteau Odyssey is a real adventure of the natural world, covering within itself a huge range of geographical and historical subjects on a global scale. Join famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau on his beloved vessel, Calypso, as he heads to the depths of the sea to commune with the remarkable creatures which call it home.  Every weekend we will be sharing a new episode of the Odyssey as the masterful maritime expert, the Captain, takes viewers all around the world as he investigates shipwrecks and rarely visited lands.

Join us every week-end for a brand new episode of the Cousteau Odyssey, right here.  We remind our viewers that each film is only available for one week, which is from Saturday to Friday so don’t miss it.


This week’s adventure is Blind Prophet’s of Easter Island, it is also the last episode of the Odyssey series. The whole Cousteau team thanks you for sharing these moments with us and for your interest in the Cousteau cause. Remember to like our facebook page for all the latest official Cousteau news.