University of Bucharest – Romania

Chair holder: Prof. Dr. Angheluta VADINEANU
Chair title : Systems Ecology & Sustaibability / Ecotechnie
Date created: 1993

Address: University of Bucharest Splaiul Independentiel,
91-95, 76201 Bucharest - ROMANIA
Telephone: +(40) 21 318 15 71
Fax: +(40-1) 411 2310
Web site: in construction

Other contact : Pr. Carmen Postolache and Dr. Sergiu Cristofor
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The University of Bucharest offers a two-year Master’s degree within the framework of the European Postgraduate Ecotechnie Program. Curriculum courses include: Socio-Economics, Industrial Ecology, Ecological Economics, Ecological Impact Assessment, Socio-Economic Analysis of Natural Resources, Ecological Footprint Assessment, Designing Structure and Metabolism of Economic Subsystems, Decision Support Systems for Sustainable Development.

Since 1993, 140 students have graduated with a Master’s degree from the European Postgraduate Ecotechnie Program. The European Postgraduate Ecotechnie Program includes close cooperation with a number of universities, namely: the Free University of Brussels (Belgium), Friedrich Schiller University – Jena (Germany), University Attila Joszef (Hungary), University Eotvos Lorand (Hungary), University of Firenze (Italy), Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Universidad Complutense (Spain).

The Ecotechnie Chair also functions as the coordinator of the Continuous Training Network. This international network, which strives to contribute towards capacity building at different levels for the adaptive management of natural resources and socio-economic systems, is comprised of the Free University of Brussels (Belgium), University of Rennes (France), Friedrich Schiller University – Jena (Germany), University of Baia Mare (Romania), University of Barcelona and the Universidad Complutense (Spain), together with the Romanian Ministry of Water and Environment, the Ministry of Transport and Physical Planning, the National Romanian Water Authority and the National Agency for Agricultural Consultancy.

The Chair is also involved in research and field project activities in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve under the Man and the Biosphere (MAB) Programme.