Göteborg University – Sweden

Chair holder: Prof. Dr. Guy HEYDEN
Full Chair title: UNESCO-Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair on Human Response to Environmental Stress

Address: Environment and Health Unit Department of Work ScienceGöteborg University (GU) Brogatan 4, P.O. Box 700SE - 405 30 Göteborg - SWEDEN
Telephone: +(46) 708 232 670
Fax: +(46) 301 229 20
E-mail: guy.heyden@tema.gu.se
Web site: www.koster.moh.gu.se/
Date created: 1995

The Chair directs several courses and seminars focusing on Agenda 21, human ecology and health anthropology (including gerontology and oral medicine). The main objective of these courses is to help individuals, assume increased responsibility for their surrounding environment and their personal health and well-being. Some 700 students have graduated from the annual five-week course, and more than 2,500 people have attended the Chair’s short seminars which are open to the general public. Most of the courses have been organized at the Ecotechnie Center, Kilesandsgården, on South Koster Island.

The Chair is working in partnership with the Environment and Health Unit - Koster Unit at GU, as well as with the Environment and Health Unit at the Nordic School of Public Health, Göteborg.The Chair is a member of two regional networks: The Swedish- Baltic Human Responses to Environmental Stress Network with Tartu University (Estonia), Latvia University (Riga, Latvia), Vilnius University and Kaunas Medical University (Lithuania); and the UNESCO/UNITWIN Euro- Arab Network (EARN) with Ajman University and the Arab Gulf University (United Arab Emirates).