HidroEx - Cousteau


HidroEX - The International Center for Education, Capacity-Building and Applied Research in Water Foundation


HidroEX has been established in 2009 in the municipal district of Frutal (MG) and is being subordinate to the State Secretariat for Science, Technology and Higher Education – SECTES. HidroEX goals are to plan, coordinate, implement, supervise and assess programs and projects designed to protect and preserve the environment and related to management of water resources, by training and developing human resources, promoting educational actions, creating databases and providing services of public interest.

Cousteau and Hidroex

The UNESCO CITY OF WATERS, UFTM – Federal University of Triângulo Mineiro – partnered with the Cousteau Society for the installation of a UNSECO – Cousteau Ecotechnie Chair. This Chair will dedicate a large program of capacity building and education for the “restoration of the Brazilian Cerrado”. Known as the Brazilian Savannah, the Cerrado was occupied in a disorganized and predatory manner, with total disrespect for nature.

The partnership also intends to implant the COUSTEAU SPACE FOR WATERS beside the UEMG-HidroEX Complex in Frutal. This is a modern architectural structure – within the best international standards – which will house a wide range of research activities and will be open for visiting and establishing environmental education programs for a large audience and young people in particular, in an effort to build a large ecological awareness in Latin America for the importance of preservation and development of water resources.