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Mohammed Qol - 27/10/2012 - written by Steven Kessel

Today is Eid, the Arabic holiday to celebrate the end of Hajj. This involves not only the slaughter of a goat for each family but also no work. This for us meant that we were unable to get on the water today as Mohammed Ali (our boat driver) had taken the boat back to Dungonab to be with his family. This was actually beneficial in that it gave a chance to get everything ready around camp.

Yesterday Nige and I went out to sea early with Mohammed Ali to see if we could find some manta rays at the surface. The wind was a little too strong and all we saw was an eagle ray and a bog sting ray. So we headed back to the camp so that Rebecca, Graham and Ben could take the boat to conduct some more reef surveys. They managed to re-survey two more sites and again found the original pegs at both! Back at camp Nige and I took care of some maintenance issues. We had both had very little sleep the night before and were very tired. As a result I managed to take a large chunk out of my finger with my new razor sharp Leatherman knife while trying to wire a strangely set up Sudanese plug. All is well though and I have to say that Graham has been wonderful as an acting nurse. Claudio returned in the evening from Port Sudan bringing more supplies

Today we prepped a lot of the equipment. Claudio managed to get the dive compressor going again since it packed in yesterday. Very crucial for the reef surveys and monitor placements. Isa and Mohammed Ali returned from Dungonab, we will head out at 07:00 with Isa to try to catch manta rays. Disaster has just struck, our only spoon (plastic) at camp just snapped, fortunately nurse Graham was on hand to fix it with a splint. We still have the ability to make tea, we are ok. Hopefully tomorrow we will have manta success. All for now.

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