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Thank you. since I was a child you have been my hero. kerin johnson

Captain you showed us all the life our seas hold for us, and like your shadowed land-lover from Down Under Steve Irwin you both have left a void in all our lives. We learned, discovered and fell in love with everything presented to us. Without you the abyss has grown, and the earth has forgotten what you tried to teach us. If GOD were to say HE would grant us 5 wishes - you my friens would be second on the list behind HIS son, with Steve Irwin third. We need you back to set us back on track to repair ou seas and the life we are destroying. I 60 years old and have studied, breed, raised hundreds of species of tropical and marine animals. Today, I wished that maybe I should have asked to come work with you and your family many many years ago. In closing Happy Birthday my friend with our Lord, who I know has graced you because of your deeds and efforts while with us. TV especially Public TV shoudl be showing all of the specials that many of us enjoyed and learned from. Paul McCarthy

Une époque,un symbole,un monde... Une cathédrale écologique.. L'âme des hommes qui portent le monde sur leurs épaules. leveque yvan

Miss a lot, tv shows, ill always remember the great Humam beuing Cousteau... ps: my daughter born 11th june... 1998... Sidonio Gil Freitas Quintal

Captain Cousteau will always be remembered as a champion of sound principles and unique genius. His and his team's work are perennial inspiration to those who deeply care about and love our precious planet. ¡Bon anniversair mon Commandant! Pablo Gottfried

Bon anniversaire. Jyc est dans nos coeurs. Le combat n'est pas fini, sauvons notre planète pour les générations futurs et pour en mémoire du COMMANDANT. Laurent GAMACHO laurent

The great contribution to mankind and concern for sea life will be always remembered by all. I watched many of his programs during my college days and felt amazed how one person can dedicate his life to scientific exploration and a greater cause. J Patnaik

I have very fond memories of watching Captain Cousteau during my youth. He was a great pioneer. I am saddened to see the extent of the destruction of the seas that have occurred and wonder when we will be able to overcome all the chemical criminalization of this planet. Those of us with a conscience must keep moving forward with this cause. Susan Solleder

yo creci viendo al capitan cousteau en mi pais, en america sur..extrañamos sus viajes de exploración..que maravillsos años jorge campuzano

Dear friends and family of Captain Cousteau. How wonderful to see after all these years, that work, and the ideology of Captain still alive today. I, Scott, am now 44 years old,born in May 1967. I live in Rotterdam, Netherlands. As a child of 7 years, I always watched television with my father,,, the documentary film of Captain Cousteau. So beautifully fascinating, the fascinating undersea world in all its beautiful forms, colors, but also dangerous. Calypso and beautiful, the technique, the mini-sub. And certainly, the ever smiling Captain Cousteau. With love, passion for his crew, his ship and the sea. In 2weeks time, my father and I, we glued a model of calypso. precious memories that I will never forget. My father has become 92 may he rest in peace. Both of my name, and my father,would like to express our gratitude and respect. to Captain Cousteau. For his good work and wonderful educational films.en my precious childhood memories. Yours faithfully Scott Randolph Boer,and Albertus Boer. Scott Randolph Boer and father Albertus Boer.

My 1967 scuba tank refills made me a believer of the Cousteau Society before Skin Diver Magazine was in my 1968 Navy locker. Robert John Byanski (ATN2 in 1970)

Jacque Cousteau has always been my Hero, I always watched him on TV when I was younger. I wish there were more people like him. Such a wonderful man, sadly missed. Myra. Myra Kinghorn

Cousteaus "Dolphins" (in German "Delphine") from 1975 is one of the most loved books in my bookshelf. He was a great man who inspired my work with dolphins. Susanne Susanne

Merci pour tout Commandant... Antonello Santini

In the 70's he got me intrested in the servival of our oceans. I still am today. Thanks Jacques. Paul Short


I became a marine biologist because as a kid I watch all the documentals about the oceans filmed by Jacques Yves Cousteau, today I live close to the sea fulfilling my boyhood dream because Captain Cousteau open a whole new world to me. Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau Forever!!!! MIGUEL ANGEL HUERTA BELLO

A Big fan Carlos Fernando Riascos 

I grew up watching the Undersea World of Jacques Coustea and have always loved and admired him and his crew and family. He came into my living room on the TV set and shared the oceans with me and taught me and millions of others to love nature and let it be. I wish I could have had the honor of meeting him. Juanita M. Kreamer

Congrats on the 100th anniversary, been a big fan of this guy and his shows. Mick