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Previous Cousteau Society Member in the late 70's. Was a Cousteau addict, watched all the television shows and have the 20 volume encyclopedic collection from the old Grolier Publishing Group. Now currently reading JYC's biography titled the "The Sea King". Nice website! Joe Joseph Nicholas Pasquino

"Il faut aller voir." You are truly an inspiration for every being on this planet. Caroline Le

Diving and Photography was my dream NOW it is my reality ! Colette Pretorius

I watched Cousteau s films and loved the undersea explorations done by him.He was a great man with extraordinary courage. Arsen keskin

Bon anniversaire, les combats passés sont les gages du respect et de la réussite pour l'avenir. Merci pour nous avoir ouvert l'oeil sur les fonds marins. Aujourd'hui plus que jamais sauvons notre planete ! Paul Robillard robillard paul

whales are one of god's greatest creations and should be taken care of by man. thank you so much for what you do. pat skyler

Please consider a senior membership. We used to be members, in our more affluent days. Rebecca & Walt Wagner

Used to watch his underwater exploration shows all the time back in the 70's and almost went into marine biology for a living. Great cause to be involved in...Happy Birthday Jacques!You Rock! Art Speakman

Hello, you all make a very good job. And this the last two generations. Keep it up, thanks. Au revoir Andrè Andrè Nicolai

Happy 100th Anniversary Jacques! You have been an inspiration to my life as a active scuba diver and environmentalist to help make a difference by enjoying and protecting and our precious resources. Jim  Boudinot


your are so fantastic!!!!!!!!!! Timothy Saylor

Je suis Marocain et j'éprouve un grand respect pour ce grand homme. Hicham GRARI

Merci au commandant Cousteau pour m'avoir fait rêver au travers de ses superbes films pendant mes jeunes années! D'ailleurs, je continue toujours de rêver!!!...... Stéphane

I just want to express my Thank to Jacques Cousteau even if his is not with us anymore. For he was my inspiration to do my scuba course and become a scuba diver to see all the wonders that lies beneath the oceans water for myself! As I child nothing could move me when the Jacques Cousteau’s program were on the television. Thanks Jacques! Engela Engelbrecht

I feel happy to sign Captain Cousteaus guest book. A diver myself who was inspired by this great man. Preserve and Cherish our Oceans and the lives that it supports. Andrew Lovelock

just listened again to John Denver's tribute song to Captain Cousteau, and the Calypso. Such a moving song, for such an important person & ship in our history. I can remember loving the shows & specials on television as a child. I always had a love of the ocean, & the life in it, especially after spending most of 5 years sailing with our Canadian navy. Seeing some of that sea life was a real treat. Anyhow, really just a short note to say hi & to let you know, we will never forget Captain Cousteau, and all the great work he & his team has done over the years. Hope they can keep up many more years. I was alos really excited to hear the the ship has survived & is getting restored. Hoping to see pictures sometime soon...TC4N & thanks again...Jim James Hood

un géant de l'humanité. Monsieur Avenir

Con grads on all diving Robert St pier

Por um mendo melhor,estamos com a Fundação cousteau. cineas marreiros dos santos neto