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I grew up watching his documentaries and at 40 years of age still believe there is no one to date who can compare to this compassionate crusader. Moya Moon

I remember watching Cousteau movies when I was a kid. I would love to get copies of those movies. John Demarest

I loved Captain Cousteau's television show in the early and late 70's, my whole family are animal people, and protect the wildkids on the two family horse farms. Any animal is alwtaken care of there, and no abandoned pet animal is ever turned away for any reason. My parents feed the wild animals on the properties to this day, and one of my chores when I was a child was taking them out their dinner in pans at night. My parents had and still do have a rule, that these are wild animals and are not pets so we are not allowed to try and pet them...........and when I was a kid and even now as a 51 year old woman every time I am home, I have at least one wildbaby come right up to me, and put their paw on me. My favorite episode of his program was two actually, one with John Denver (who I still adore even though he has been gone for a while)and the one with the sea otters. Those shows, the movies of Born Free, Living Free, Forever Free and the documentary about what happened to the lions used in the movies, The Lions Are Free, and Captain Cousteau always make me cry happy tears. I have had the honor of meeting and belonging to the Born Free foundation, and meeting Virginia McKenna, and sponsoring a lionness that the Born Free Foundation had rescued from a roadside zoo........she was my friend for many years and I was honored to be her friend. People should be ashamed of themselves when they say animals cannot talk, oh yes they can if we stupid humans would only listen. Yes I am a real person Cameron Armstrong-Lickey

merci commandant de nous avoir montré le chemin maillet

To the greatest researcher of the Oceans JAQUES COUSTEAU Jose Carranza

Thank you for many years of exciting adventures. Danny Wilson

I believe that in a world destroyed by ourselves we need to save us many Jacques Cousteau, the hero of my life luca 

Si mon fils est devenu champion de natation et s'interesse à la nature c'est grâce au reportage et aux livre du commandant Cousteau. Maintenant il est en rhéto (6ème secondaire en belgique) et c'est tout naturellement qu'il a choisi comme travail de fin d'étude comment le commandant Couteau a changé notre manière de voir la nature. Je voudrais lui dire rendre homage. Tout comme j'ai appelé mon mileu d'accueil les petits dauphins de chez nanou et ce suite à ma rencontre avec des dauphins sauvage. Pour moi c'est le plus noble des animaux et c'est ce que j'enseigne à mes petits! Wéry Patricia

I can remember when I first met with Mose Richards who asked if my team would make a movie of Captain Cousteau. It changed diving for me forever. I also met Francine on that dive. She was very beautiful, very smart and very energetic, and seemed to really enjoy the diving even though the weather and seas were very rough. Later I really enjoyed even more helping Captain Cousteau with his Involvement day where he asked me to lectured on U/W Photography and U/W Cinematography, and U/W Marine Biology. JYC called me down to the main floor where I also helped James Taylor fix two of his guitars that were shipped in damaged. James Taylor was tall and his eyes were flashing over his two favorite guitars coming in damaged. I had access to a music store, with two of his new guitars. But his action and the way he played were so different we decided to tape them together and he played beautifully that night. Those were magical times. I remember JYC for one of the foremost minds in history of mankind probable better than Einstein or Edison. IN thought he approached things from the opposite angle we would and was always right. We continued to support the Cousteau Society with the funds we made from Seaspace, one of the largest U/W Film Festivals, of I which I was Director for two years, 1967 and 1969. I thought for many years we had donated the film "Diving With My Friends" to the Cousteau Society, but last year of all things my partner, Ron Blair sent me the film and it is in perfect shape. We would like to put it on Blue Ray and preserve it for posterity! James H Jones

A wonderful site for a fantastic cause. I am finally 30 years after first wanting to, going to uni to do a maring biology degree. Make way for me on board! Mandi Sylvester

I am a student looking forward to Cousteau's granddaughter's talk tonight!!!! Bayan Abunar

gracias Cap. Jacques Costeau .. aquaman si existe... heroe.. gracias lucas 

I met Jacques Cousteau in 1980 in Norfolk, Virgina. I was there with my dad, Rutherford Ross, aboard out boat Shirley Blanche. One day the Calypso pulled up along side us. When Jacques saw our dad he said "Gene, long time no see." They spent a couple days catching up. Dad had always said he knew Jacques, and to have helped him in developing SCUBA gear. I think they met right after WWII. They'd known each other a long time. My brother David and I got to tour the Calypso, and have our pictures taken with Jacques. One of my favorite childhood memories. joshua chesler

Olá, tenho 40 anos e desde criança que acompanho as aventuras do Comandante Cousteau, os seus filmes e livros foram a paixão da minha infancia, e os responsáveis por hoje ser um apaixonado pelo mergulho, pelo mar, pelo meio ambiente e també, pela fotografia. Muito obrigado Rui Henrique Batista Vieira

i am grateful for the opportunity to join To Cousteau history. Maria Odinokaya

He was an amazing man, great vision, great compassion. It would be good to have his films shown as mandatory education to young people in school. Perhaps that way our planet and marine life would stand a better chance of survival/recovery. God bless his spirit and his family. Nellie Jenkins

what happened to the under water stations featured in the 1964 National Geographic? I miss seeing Jacques on tv, it was one of the greatest shows. Brian Lovell

I'm 60 years old and have met or seen a great number of famous people in my lifetime. My most thrilling encounter of all was I saw Mr. Cousteau at the Honolulu airport. It was for a brief moment but I was within three feet of his massively, magnetic presence. That was around thirty-one years ago yet I am brought to tears to this day when I consider the great fortune I had to be close to him if even for that short time. Armand Bellora

Un tributo al Comandante Cousteau, el heroe de mi infancia! Ricardo Jaramillo Vargas

to know,to love,to protect,I will live by these words for they are so truly spoken by a great man that I have admired for years and watched for so many years,thanks for being you captin jacques yves cousteau,thanks to your family and crew protecting our underwater world for the future generations.sincerly sherry dyer. sherry dyer