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Caaaptain Cousteau's tv specials inspired me to a life/love of the sea. It is the main source of my love, inspiration and healing. Merci Captain! Sir Gary Samer KGSJ

I was born in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Almaty - a beautiful bloom city in the foothills of the Tien Shan, but very remote from the ocean. At the age of six years, I first saw on television "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau." I learned about Jacques Cousteau - the man who influenced my life. I decided to devote my lives to aquatic environment. Since then, more than 20 years. Today, I am master of hydrology and work in the environmental company. In my home collection many films and books of Jacques Cousteau, that I always use. I always dreamed of meeting with Captain Cousteau, but unfortunately did not manage to ... But in the last year, my childhood dream partially realized. I went to the grave of Jacques Cousteau in Saint-André-de-Cubzac and paid tribute to the great man. In Paris, bought his latest book «The Human, the Orhid, and the Octopus» and visited the Museum of Oceanography in Monaco. I want to thank You for what you continue the noble cause to save our planet. I congratulate the Cousteau Society and all to 100 year anniversary of the birth of Captain Jacques Cousteau - the man, who changed our world and my life! Tatyana Kolcha

hi , I wanted to say I think you are great I got to meet you when I was a teenager at my school. I want to work as a underwater photographer because of you. thank you so much for what you do. the world is a better place because of you. love heather Heather Gould

Keeping Nurse Sharks out of Pet Stores. Over the last 4 years we have rescued 8 so far. Blacktip reef sharks, Whitetips and Lemon Sharks sold for the "Hobby". Huge problem! Sea Save Inc

jeg er en stor fan af Cousteau og hans søns arbejde for at bevare dyrelivet i vores verdenshave. niels chr. nielsen

Have followed the adventures of Calypso and Captain Cousteau since 1956. Would like to have had the honor and priviledge to dive with him anywhere in the undersea world. Andrew Hartley

Dear Cousteau Society, my grandfather, Yves Girault was one of original members of the Calypso and when he was alive he often spoke of his adventures with Captain Cousteau. I can remember as a young girl receiving a stickers with the Calypos logo and I am so excited to see a tee-shirt that I can order that looks exactly the same as I remember as a young girl 30 years ago. I'm planning on ordering three for my young children so I can tell them about their grandfather and his wonderful adventures with Captain Cousteau. Thank you for all the work you still do in his name. Sincerely, Kelly Russell Kelly Russell

Mr. Jacques Cousteau was the only inspiration in forming our SCUBA group, Alpha Sportsways in the Philippines in 1969. Thank you and congratulations on the year long celebrations in Paris. Arjuna T. Atienza

Jacques Cousteau rocked my world in 1966. I was 7 years old. Cousteau was my Justin Bieber. Mary Harrell Ness

Captain Cousteau is the father of the world of silence. The human being shall follow his dream on the conservation of the marine ecosystems. In my opinion, his name is world heritage. Dário Mendes

Cousteau était un vrai écologiste (pas un des méprisables politicien de la pensée unique qui remplissent le bocal de nos télévisions et l'Education Nationale), révélant avec amour, science, sagesse et poésie les merveilles de la nature et déjà les effroyables dommages créés par le dogme de l'argent et sa logique de développement (c'est-à-dire de l'extermination du vivant et du bétonnage d'une Terre à vendre)au grand public. Sa pensée doit nous guider, et balayer la feinte générosité universaliste (les peuples, la nature, tout est à vendre et à détruire au nom d'un vaste supermarché !) pour une logique d'osmose avec la nature, notre Terre mère que nous pillons, volant ainsi honteusement nos enfants. Les vrais Droits de l'homme, il les incarne! Pinon Guillaume

Thank you to the man that gave the world, not only the intrigue of under the waves, but the vision and force to perserve that vast frontier of wonder. Michael Dotson

Many hopes for a successful restoration of "Calypso" - I grew up watching Captain Cousteau and it is the best tribute to him if his ship is once again sailing and educating people about our oceans. Denise

I loved seeing the underwater statue of J.Cousteau flashing the "OK" sign at the underwater preserve in Gaudeloupe. jennifer furigay

Continue the good work David Campo

I really love people like you to work compassion with all animals on this earth. I hope there will be more more people to take care of animals on this earth without any cruelty. Debb Lovett

Thank you for teaching so many of us about the sea and all the majestic things and creatures within it ! MIKE MOFFETT

I love the Cousteau World José Ignacio Delgado Olano

Siento escribir en español, pero los idiomas no son lo mio. Darle las gracias al señor Cousteau ya que me inculco el amor a la naturaleza y a los mares. Muchisimas gracias señor Cousteau. Raul Fernandez

I have admired Jacques Cousteau"s work just about for EVER!!! A pioneer in scuba diving and a courageous visionary in the preservation of our oceans!!! Well done to all the members of the Cousteau team!!!! Cecilia Bowerman