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Hi! this is a good site about an increible man and his work! Jean Paul


as a boy I have loved the films of Cousteau. I would like a part of the crew of the Calypso. Ralf

hi. I just want to say I like Cousteau's adventures. mary

I love this incredible Man that I have seen since I was little as if he'd been my own Grandfather, his sons as if they were my uncles. Still every week he's on our TV in the early morning, and I still can never get enough of seeing his amazing adventures (for the n'th time..), hearing his profound thoughts, seeing his smile and kind eyes. Daniël Leeuwenberg

My 20-month-old daughter is fascinated by ocean creatures. Any time she gets to see some at the zoo or aquarium, she talks about it over and over afterward. She has only seen the ocean a couple times, but loves it. She just finished a reading program at our local library and as a prize, she was allowed to select a book to keep. She picked a picturebook about Jacques Cousteau and we have been reading it over and over since. Katie

Inspiration for all us researchs of the sea!!! Walter Nisa-Castro-Neto

Thanks for opening our eyes and hearts to marine life, Marcia turner

Merci pour tout ces images qui on marquées mon enfance !! RENOU Benoit

Absolutely one of the most inspirational people in my lifetime. I love the oceans, and I believe it has a lot to do with watching those TV shows w/Jacques Cousteau on the Calypso all those years ago... D C Dahl

Long live Jacques Cousteau. His tv series and the Calypso are the reasons I became a diver. The experiences Ive had have been magnificent. Live out your dreams and live adventurously. Brian Noel

Happy 100th Anniversary Captain Cousteau ! Thanks for taking us exploring the oceans with you . GOD bless ! Mark Wiggins

Our Sunday nights as a family were spent watching Captain Cousteau and the crew of the Calypso. His vision of a better world by helping our planet set many vehicles in motion. I have lived my life in the dive industry and the Captain is one of my heroes. Jeff Jeff Powelson

Merci à toute l'équipe Cousteau, car depuis enfant dans les terres à Lyon j'ai pu m'extraire dans les abysses, et voyager dans tout les azimutes du globe, qui aujourd'hui à 28 Ans je suis Marin. J'ai visité aussi ta réserve en Guadeloupe à Malendure, ou mes parents sont originaire, Encore une fois Merçi... A tout jamais tu restera gravé dans nos mémoire, de génération en Génération . Twydy Ausche Twydy Ausche

I am a 6th grade student doing a report on Jacques Cousteau. My mom found this website and we are finding him to be quite intriguing and extraordinary!! Tyler Denny

Captain Cousteau, I enjoyed all the t.v. shows of your crew exploring the deep as I grew up. You love of the sea, and all life in it is unparalleled. You are sorely missed. My God Bless and keep you! BAHADIR ERYIGIT

i think that cousteau was a great person and it was a shame that he died. he did so much for the world, he was an amazing person. riley

"Le Comandant" Una de las figuras que mas he admirado desde pequeño y envidiado en cierto modo, y uno de los motivos por los cuales he acabado siendo oceanografía y protector de los mares de profesión. Gonzalo Barrio

action is the real mesure of intellgence. i love this man. michael j dusen

I love Cousteau Dina Nehme