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Godbless you all for showing you care about are Environment gary p corshia

watching the show I told my self that one day I would learn scuba in 1980 i did and now my wife and sons have learnded as well and have seen some of the wonders that i have seen on TV with the capt. Richard Casper

I remember seeing Jaques Cousteau on the television when I was a child in the 1970's. And have fond memories of those shows. And my dutch cousin had made a model of the Calypso which he gave me.It was a great model, unfortunately it didn't survive being played with. How ever today I have recieved an old unmade still in it's packaging, original model kit of the Calypso. Which I have won on Ebay. Thanks for the memories and wonder of the Cousteau voyages. R Adkins R Adkins

As a young man I learned to SCUBA dive and spent 2 years living on a small Yacht all because of the stories and the inspiration of Cousteau. I never met him but he is still inspires me today. “From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.” “The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist. For man it is to know that and to wonder at it.” Jacques Yves Cousteau David

love it! I'm doing a biography on him jessica

Dear Jacques Cousteau, my name is Raquel Thomas and I am doing an oral report about your life. I am 9 years old and I like to travel the world also and want to stop pollution in the Ocean.I love to swim as well. I think you have had an amazing life story and would like to be like you someday. Sincerely, Raquel Thomas 7233 preservation CT Fulton MD 20759 USA Raquel Thomas

My father was Joe Thompson, the U/W cameraman that worked with JYC on board Calypso for about 14 years during the late 60's and 70's. JYC personally told me my father was his best U/W cameraman that he has ever used. That was on board the Calypso in the late 80's, here in San Diego. My father has subsequently passed away in 2001. I still have his U/W cameras and housings and having a hard time selling them, though they are in great condition and will work well for some time to come. Captain Cousteau brought my father to Marseilles in the early 60's and trained him on piloting the diving saucer and then the 'Sea Fleas' as the U/W submersibles were called then. He is featured in the episode 'The Incredible Diving Machines' filmed at and near Catalina Island off the coast of So. Cal. My father was working as chief pilot of North American Rockwell's submersible "Beaver Mark IV" and uses that sub in the episode as he lowers it onto a dock station in the show. He also pilots one of the 'Sea Fleas' in the show and has Andre Laban seek and rescue him in a wonderful dramatized scene in the show. We all shared in the thrill of watching "Silent World" and "World Without Sun" was it?... with the Captain and crew on visits to San Diego in the 1960's. I worked with my father for many years on our wonderful award winning documentaries and still work in the industry with top professionals. I have 2 of the French flags that flew onboard the 'Calypso' of that era and one of the flags is from the famous Antarctic expedition with it's frayed windblown ends and repaired patch. Both flags have my fathers writing on them stating; 'R/V Calypso Aug. 1975'. I also have one of JYC's personal jumpsuits with the calypso label that he gave to my father to wear, since they were near the same size. I am looking to donate them to the Cousteau Society or to sell the items. It was a real pleasure to have grown up on and around the 'Calypso' and to have the Captain and crew members come by our house and rousingly enjoy meals out where they 'took over' any restaurant or bar they happened in on. My Mother spoke fluent french and had many a conversation with the Captain and all of the old time crew members. Thanks to 'the Captain', Madam Cousteau and the wonderful crew members over the years that have helped us all to celebrate life through their grand expeditions. Joe, jr. Joe Thompson, jr.

bardzo lubie ogladac programy Capitana Cousteau romekhalinka

Merci commandant Cousteau d'avoir à jamais ouvert mes yeux sur la grandeur et la beauté de la mer et des océans. De m'avoir fait prendre conscience de leur fragilité et de l'importance de les protéger. J'espère que de là-haut vous gardez un oeil sur ce qui se passe ? Sylvie Noël

J'ai travaillé à bord de la Calypso une journée et ce fut trop court. Hommage à tout ceux qui ont travaillé à bord. Philippe Beaudry

Je viens tout juste d'apprendre le projet de remise en état de la Calypso. J'en ai pleuré de joie ! Ce merveilleux navire et son non moins merveilleux commandant ont bercé mon enfance avec leurs récits surprenants et des images fascinantes qui marquent au fer rouge dans mon jeune cerveau, toute la beauté de ce monde du silence, inconnu jusqu'alors ! Je ne suis pas scientifique ou océanographe ou biologiste, mais j'ai un respect profond pour la vie qui m'entoure et pour la Nature dont nous sommes tous redevables, et que nous avons le devoir de protéger. J'espère avoir un jour, enfin, la joie de voir la Calypso dans le port de Montréal, car je l'ai manqué lors de sa première visite au début des années 1980 !! Longue vie à la Calypso ! Longue vie à la famille Cousteau !! Pearl Duval

Jacques Cousteau has been my facination, along with all his contributions to our world! Lavonna Renfro

Taking good care of the Oceans from PROMAR Foundation in Republic of Panama. Adolfo Trute

Hey there love Jacquest Cousteau and his legacy. Jeffery Juan Davis

As a young girl I admired Jacques underwater explorations, Now many years later I am in the process of becoming Scuba Certified, I am hopeful to see the wonders of underwater exploration as he did. Thank you Jacques for inspiring me! Semone Filaretou-Caron

Me gustaria algun dia formar parte del equipo que colabora con la conservacion del medio marino que tienen Uds. Realmente todo aquel que no conoce las profundidades... no puede entender lo que se siente cuando se destruyen parte de estas o de las especies que la forman.... Antonio Climent Ayala

Great site! Thanks for the hard work! John

Hi all! Sorry if I posting this message in wrong category, but I want to say THANKS to admins pf this great forum! I have found so many interesting information on it... One more time - thank you! Teppurdyvep

It was fun learning about Jacques Cousteau kamari

A 45 ans j'ai pu realiser mon reve devenir plongeur et decouvrir.Ce reve remontait a mon enfance c'est vous qui l'avez initié Merci Monsieur Cousteau Juteau Lionel