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I am thrilled to find your amazing website where I will be able to keep up with your tremendous research which is continues to be as unique as the oceans & seas you follow.The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau was a weekly highlight in my family during my childhood.Happy 100th Anniversary Captain! Cousteau Forever....Joanne Taylor Joanne E. (Foltz) Taylor

Dear Madame Cousteau: Jacques Cousteau has been my hero since I was seven years old and started watching the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau. How wonderful it is that he was able to live his dream! Not many people have that joy, to do what they love for a living. I consider him to be one of the greatest people of the 20th century. His work and dream will live on forever! Best wishes for all the team, Fátima de Melo-Shay 1/20/2011 Fátima de Melo-Shay

Watched Jacques all through the '70s and started diving in 1980. One of my true heroes! Scott Fano

I was employed by Jacques Yves Cousteau in 1989 for the marketing of the Parc Oceanique Cousteau in Paris. I was a very good friend of him and helped organizing the expedition into the Antarktis with 12 children. I admired Jacques Yves and it was very sad that the Parc Oceanique Cousteau had to pass chapter 11. Treskatsch Regina

Happy birthday sir! You make me know that the United States and France can get past our differences for better causes such as yours. Thank you for all you've done. God bless Nolan DeHart

I love! Here I always find a lot of helpful information for myself. Thanks you for your work. Webmaster of and Best regards BeameSoadia

R.I.P commandant Nous ne vous oublierons jamais. Puisse votre oeuvre perdurer à travers le temps, comme l'image de sagesse et de connaissance que nous conservons de vous ! Depths

I was a member of the Cousteau Society 20 years ago. Your ideas with helping the oceans and environment still continue. Your Legacy lives on . . . . Mary Pirraglia

You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material Lizlepale

Was my childhood favorite. Rich Orlando

Hello. I'm Max and I very like this site. Max

My wife and I both recall watching The Undersea World Of Jacques Cousteau when we were kids. I am also a huge fan of John Denver and the song "Calypso". While watching the video, and explaining the words and meaning of the song to the kids, we came upon this website. As home schoolers, we will visit your site quite often in the future. The O'Malleys; Brian, Mary, Andrew, Elliott, Shannon, Ethan and Caroline

Thanks very much to the cousteau society for sending on the red watch cap to Scotland. Great work! Cheers! laura brown

Happy Birthday Dr. Cousteau - your influence will resound forever in the efforts of those whom you inspired - such as us at the Costa American Where we offer upper division classes in marine and environmental sciences. THANK YOU AGAIN ! COSTA AMERICAN MARINE SCIENCE CENTER

Huge fan grew up seeing all expedition documentories that were shown on television. Ricardo Chapa

I used to watch the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau with my late father on a Sunday morning in England. It has stayed with me all my life and I am now in my 40s. He was a wonderful human being. It is my plan to now join the Cousteau Society as I have discovered its existence. I just wish Fox would release the Undersea World of Jacques Cousteay on dvd. I know secondhand copies are available on VHS online but you never know how worn they are. I would so love to see that series again. I have the box collection of Cousteau's work but sadly Undersea World is not part of that set. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAPTAIN COUSTEAU SLEEP WELL AND SAY HI TO MY DAD. YOU ENRICHED MY LIFE AND ENCHANTED ME AS A CHILD TO USE MY IMAGINATION - UNDER MY BED BECAME UNDER THE SEA! Sally Fadelle Sally Fadelle

un grand merci au commandant cousteau et son équipage pour la sauvegarde des oceans et des animaux marins. le commandant cousteau et son équipage ont bercé mon enfance , m'ont fait découvrir la vie à bord de la calypso et les merveille des animaux marins et de l'océan .le commandant restera toujours dans nos coeurs christian

It is a great honor to write some lines o testefy the work of Jaques Costeau's works in benefit of sciences, in special the marines. Here from Recife, Brazil get my congratulations! Marco Valois

As a charter member of the Cousteau Society I have followed the successes and tragedies of the family and the society and I am astounded by the good that has come from our contributions. I wish I could do more. Please continue your work. We can never change the wrongs that continue to be done to our world without exploration and education and information! Jon Foster

I love the ocean! Tanner Kelly