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A truly great man. Marwan Obid

Great site, you've really done a lot here. Thanks for everything you've done and a special Christmas wish from all of us Whitehouse

Thanks all the good work. Al


he is a saint ! chris welch

I grew up with this man, he gave me all the awareness of nature , above and below, to appreciate any form of life, to which he gave his own sofreely. Peter Allsop

Now i realized that, he was not the key person of the oceans only. Thank to you all that you gave me this chance and thank Jacques Yves COUSTEAU that he did hold my hand many many years ago. Kind Regards, Özcan Dillioğlugil ERKÖK ÖZCAN DİLLİOĞLUGİL

I grew up with Cousteau and loved it James M. Woods

Soy una amirdora de su obra. Maria Clara Obregon

Hi I am from Indonesia. I admire on on your wonderful success. Continue the wonderful work!! Nathan Jonathan

Thank you for all you have done for mankind. I am glad I was able to follow your great adventures and to learn from you.Happy Birthday Captain! Randy Smith

I have a nephew who became a professional diver and a marine biologist inspired by Captain Cousteau, one of the greatest man who ever lived. It is very emotional for me to read about the Cousteau family and, of course, Calypso, the greatest vessel of them all. Fern Fern Marques

Safe Sailing to the Cousteau family, society and long live the Calypso. Captain Cousteau got me into diving in 1976 and still going. I am listening to John Denver dedicate to Captain Cousteau on his birthday and singing about Calypso. One of my profound wishes is to someday step aboard that great ship and touch her legacy. A loyal supproter, thank you for all your great work. Sheriff George Sheridan Jr Muncie IndianaUSA Sheriff George Sheridan Jr

Captain Cousteau is without a doubt my biggest hero. He brought a whole new world into our homes,and a whole new feeling into my heart. Perhaps if we had paid better attention our oceans environments would not be in such distress. To a great teacher whom I miss dearly, and left behind a legacy like no other. Your Student Tony DeMaio Tony DeMaio

I grew up watching Cousteau's show on TV in the 70's! It is such a shame that we don't have a show like that any more! It would be nice if your Society could get PBS to run a show periodically on your organization! An updated edition of Cousteau's old film clips with commentaries would be a start! Jacques Yves Cousteau symbolized the best of the WWII generation that is sadly passing away too quickly! As much as I regret his passing, I celebrate his life-Happy Birthday, Captain Cousteau! Dave P

Tive a oportunidade de conhecer o Calypso em sua expedição à Amazônia. Uma experiência que vou levar para toda vida. Obrigado Mauricio Ventura Magalhães

Capt. Cousteau, Thank you for the many years of education and entertainment. I pray that you are sailing under fair winds and following seas. Rick Wiley

Viva Capt. COUSTEAU Christopher AUSTIN

I was sitting watching a show on the ocean the other night, And it made me remember where my love and appreciation of the sea it's creatures and the health of the ocean. COUSTEAU! I thought I so miss him and the shows he produced. And although sometimes ya may miss a word or two he spoke with such passion of the sea.I miss him and then thought CALYPSO! Where was that grand lady he so loved and me as well? I was so excited to read of her restoration, And what a fine thing it would be I thought if she were to join the Sea shepherds for just on season of anti whaling!!! What an exiting thing that would be! Somebody call Thom Beers at Discovery channel and pitch it to him! I'm am in! Thank you Jacques for being the leader the teacher and giving that gift of your adventures to us all! Stephen Allen Hollywood ,Florida, U.S.A.

Gracias por conpartirnos un poquito de su vida, aventuras, conocimiento y pasion por el Oceano y nuestro Planeta Patricia Acosta