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Je n'ai que 21 ans et pourtant mes premières BD ont été les vôtre Comandant, j'ai grandi avec l'amour des océans et aujourd'hui je veux en faire mon métier. Merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait, comptez sur nous pour continuer à protéger les océans et leur magnifique biodiversité ! Julie Deplanque-Lasserre

So thrilled to be signing a legend's Guestbook... I'am the wife of the late helicopter pilot that flew with Jacques Cousteau. Peace, JILL JILL MCKEEGAN

Thank You so Much for all you do, Jeffery S Way

Gente como el capitan COUSTEAU necesita nuestra madre tierra. Gracias por existir y dejar huella en nosotros quienes amamos el mar. HUGO HERNÁNDEZ

Merci a Monsieur Cousteau pour ces découvertes, nos reves d'enfances et les merveilles qu'il nous a présentées tout au long de sa vie... Merci M. Cousteau !!! Virginie Virginie

I have missed the TV so much! I see the Society is very active, and rejoice to hear that Calypso is being (has been?) restored! But you need a regular TV show to capture peoples' imaginations as Jacques did. Have you considered that? Jim Macaulay

I have been a huge fan of the Cousteau Society and of Captain Cousteau. I used to watch all of the orginal Nat Geo documentaries when I was child with my father and now I am watching them with my sons. I do praise you for all that you do. Charles V. Withers

Thanks God for your sending us Jack. Annette Fullerton Blandford

merci maissa

I am indebted to Jaques Cousteau and the indelible impression his films left on me as a child. I hope you guys keep up the good work! scott babcock

fier de faire partie du groupe avec mes hommages au Cdt JYC achab tijani

je viens d'assister à la soirée dédiée au commandant cousteau au bouscat;merci,continuer à nous faire rêver;bonne chance à toute l'équipe. gachet

Thank you for opening a new world to a kid in the WEST VIRGINIA mountains in the 60's.You awakened a spirit of exploration and adventure in me that has never died.Happy Birthday mon Captain. David Allen Belcher

As a child Cousteaus was my hero. Other kids wanted to be firemen, policemen, etc... I wanted to be like Jacques Cousteau! :) Cleber Rebuitti

I´m from Brazil and I´m very proud to say I´ve learned to respect the enviroment watching many of Mr. Cousteau films. Peopel from Calypso, people who served so long and so well congratulations Vitorio Otozato

I would love to donate money if i had enough to donate any. Oh yeah, i know you are doing amazing work and i wish you all of my luck in saving our oceans and its life out there. i wish you great health and a peaceful weather at all times. all the best to you! Sincerely, Aaron Smith Aaron Smith

I grew up watching captain Cousteau's ocean adventures. It is with profound happiness that I knew that its ship will sail again. Calypso's contribution for sea knowledge is an eternal legacy of its captain that dedicated is passion as my forefathers did 500 years ago in Portugal. May god protect its future. To Captain Jaques Yves Cousteau. Kind Regards, Rafael (Lisbon - Portugal). Rafael Lopes

I admire this man so much. He was so near yet so far to reach him. I watched his underwater documentaries on the television in the 70's. On one evening, I attended his lecture in Virgina in 1978 or 1979. It was held at the Auditorium of a civic center. He entered the hall so packed with audience, and walked onto the stage accompanied by the song Calypso, sang by John Denver. He received a standing ovation from the crowd. It was a wonderful experience to see the respect given to Capt. Jacques Cousteau that evening. I always share this this experience with youths who like to explore the underwater marine world in Malaysia. But I could not remember the exact date and venue of the event which I attended in Virginia. Could someone help me to trace the date and venue of the lecture given by Capt. Cousteau in Virgina? Thank you for reading this message. God bless all those who help to sustain this website. Ridzwan, Malaysia. Ridzwan A Rahman

i'm a dreamer and a lover of the ocean,because of you captain Cousteau,GIVE THANKS!!! thierry chauvin

Cher Monsieur Cousteau, merci pour cette découverte grandiose du monde du silence et de votre message de préservation de cette flore et faune sous-marine aux générations futures. Puisse l'Homme vous entendre. Merci à vous. Adrien Viateau