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Merci to the crew of Calypso and Jacques Cousteau himself! The society of Cousteau enlightens me. Make him proud! Amy Hinamori

As a young man I was in love with everything to do with the ocean. I even sent a resume to the Cousteau Society as a marine diesel mechanic / operator. 30 years later I am still diving and enjoy the sea. Thank you for sharing the adventure. Stephen V. Berry

As a child I used to watch Jacques Cousteau on German Television. I loved watching and hoped that one day, I would meet Jacques Cousteau. You passed away before I ever had a chance to meet you but your work, your words, although translated, and your image, will always stay with me. Thank you Jacques Cousteau, for sharing you love of the ocean and this magnificent planet with me. Catharina Catharina Kiaha

It is my privilege to sign on your guest book God Bless You. Rachel Alvarez

I want to become a member of this wonderful organization. Thank you Happy 100th Anniversary Lorin Country Grover

Happy birthday Captain Cousteau.I am founder of Bangladesh scuba diving I am big fan of you forever. S M Atiqur Rhaman

I am submariner and Jacques and your society is an inspiration to me. Thank you. I would love some stickers or some other schwag to hand out to spread your word and encourage intrest to further our causes. My address is 310 s 6th st, fernandina beach, fl, 32034, usa. Thank you for anything you can send. H. Lee Dyer

Um grande reconhecimento a Cousteau e a toda a sua equipa.foi graças aos filmes de Cousteau que aos 13anos começei a mergulhar até aos dias de hoje com 41 anos.Muito obrigado por me darem a conhecer o mundo submarino.Melhores cumprimentos Paulo Oliveira. paulo fernando lemos de oliveira

Re Previous Guest Book Message, I check the Timing & the time at Bahrein was LATE 70's or v early 80's, PLUS THE CALYPSO WAS NOT THE MINESWEEPER IT WAS THE PREVIOUS WOODEN VESSEL. The ORIGINAL Calypso Lynn Isaac

I captained my Dive Vessel 43metre Sea Cat into Bahrein in early 70's where Calypso was out of the water & men working on propshaft/rudder. I refused to take pic like that with my Nikonos Calypso Camera & would love to take one of her now, perchance? Taff

Keep up the great work. My admiration and regard for the life and work of the J Y COUSTEAU is never ending. Amman

Happy 100th Aniv, Jacques! To honor his spirit and dedication, I am dressing in his likeness for Halloween- I plan to decorate in a way that teaches others & encourages them to join the society. Hooray for Cousteau! Mandy Harris

I am 22 years old living on the Oregon Coast. Cousteau is and always will be my hero. I saw The Silent World when I was four years old and fell in love with the sea. I just finished reading The Human, The Orchid, And The Octopus. It was one of the most inspiring things I have ever read. Thank you Commandant Cousteau for being such an wonderful influence on my life! Clay Woodmark

As a kid ,i watcht every movie of Mr Cousteau.He inspired me to take care of our beautifull bleu planet.Thank you Mr Cousteau for these memories and great gifts of knowledge.Greetings from Belgium,peter peter

Dearly Missed Sharon L Spires Taylor

Thank you all for the beautiful films! I love to watch it. THANK YOU ALL Só MUCH!!!! Annelies annelies du plessis (holland)

Thanks for inspiring me to move to the sea, get my captains lisc. and share conservation, sailing and my love of the oceans with others. Kirk Elder

¡Cousteau vive en los 7 mares! Cousteau lives in the 7 seas! Jesús Corral

We in the Caribbean thank you too for all your efforts and life dedicated to the conservation of the Oceans. To the Captain of captains we thank you for ever. Angel Alicea

My first book ever was the "Silent World" by Jacques Cousteau since then in the last 30 years I became an Ocean lover. I graduated as an Oceanographer in Cuba but for political reasons I was unable to work in this field (in Cuba you have to be communist to work in something related to Oceans) I emigrated to US but still love the Ocean and even though I was never unable to work in this field I still enjoy diving and doing some modest investigations my self. Thanks Jacques you really introduced me to the must beautiful part of our world. Jose Cordero