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You, a staple in the marine science environment for so many years have shared so much of the world's rich aquatic environment with us all. To all the Cousteau team; Thank you! Randy Newell

My best example since I was a kid. He gave me reasons to to what I am now: a meine biologist Carlos Carmona-Suárez

No one has lived until they have taken a breath under water. The Captain lived well. ONLY LEAVE BUBBLES Allen Rabideaux

fantasticos momentos y mejor cultura del conocimiento del planeta en que vivimos, falta gente asi Enric Gustems ENRIC GUSTEMS

Jacques, Happy Birthday! Know that you still live within lots of us. Your spirit, and undying love for the deep blue ocean and all it's treasures is the basis of my parenting with regards to respecting nature in all it's facets, the oceans being one of the major ones. I hope my daughter Maddy-Sun inherits the deep love and respect I have for all your accomplishments, as well as respect for the abyss that surrounds us. Many blessings to you and your family, as they follow in your footsteps, continuing your work and mission. Louis Avila Louis Avila Jr.

is very important your job in this planet thanks rafael reyes

I am a conservationist. The pursuit of what is pristine and symbolic of the intimate connections and balance of this planet’s life system have always been at the core of my being. As an aquatic wildlife biologist, I am deeply troubled by the current status of what I hold precious—the sky, earth, and water. When I ask myself “why do I care”, the answers are often complex. But when I trace my passion back through the years of my life I, I come to the simple age of 5 when I was first blessed with the images of Jacques Cousteau’s exploration of the mysterious and seemingly untouched world of the sea. I remember roll playing during bath time with fins, mask and snorkel, and an empty bleach bottle tied to my back with old shoe laces. Today, I still get glimpses of the magic of which often goes unseen below the waters. My three young kids have fallen in love with water, so much that I swear they are evolving into fish. I pray that they have been born of such a fabric that leads them to live authentic and adventurous lives and continue to walk softly upon this sacred earth. Thanks you Jacques-Yves Cousteau for introducing me to an extraordinary life, and one that I will continue to share. You inspired me and still are the vantage point of my life’s journey. Shane Hanlon

Thank you, sir. I am six and I read about you in a book from Eyewitness Books called "Whales". I am excited to learn more about you and hope to become a Cousteau Diver. James W. Roper

Bravo! Luc Morin

I am Turkish-American currently living in Maryland, visiting 'home' Istanbul (surrounded by the Sea of Marmara on one and the Black Sea on the other side) whenever I can. I first "met" Captain Cousteau and Calypso while watching his infamous series 'The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau'. I was quite young at the time and this legendary conservationist filled with immense passion for the sea, opened my eyes to a very unique and mesmerizing underwater world. One which, thanks to him and his team, I realized I knew nothing much about at the time. But they definitely opened my eyes. 40 + years have gone by. I now am trying to pass on to my son my personal appreciation and respect for the sea, terra firma, all creatures great and small; environment in general. My son’s generation will be the next caregivers of this wonderful home of ours. We certainly didn't do a very good job; oil spills, deforestation, climate change, environmental and land degradation, intensive farming, logging, mining, overconsumption, etc. You name it; man has (over)done it!! Hopefully, his generation will treat this great blue planet of ours with more respect and TLC. We have nowhere else to go!! Thank you, teşekkür, for all that you and your Society have done and continue to do. “Aye Calypso the places you've been to, the things that you've shown us, the stories you tell; aye Calypso, I sing to your spirit, the men who have served you so long and so well. To live on the land we must learn from the sea”. Love, peace and a very happy birthday from Asli Keskinoglu. Asli Keskinoglu

I grew up watching your grandfather and your father. They were great men and so are you. Thank You... Tim Tucker

J'ai connu la mer de par les films de Jacques Yves COUSTEAU; Continuer sa mission pour nos enfants ( j'en ai 6!!!) Encore BRAVO!! Eric MAILLARD

I joined the Society back in '63. When I was stationed in Norfolk, Va.USA. Chief Mike McGeary ABHC USN Ret.

I love the ocean and the air. I love airplanes, ships, amd admire the mountains. It is beautiful for me to see the ocean from a mountain and to see the mountains from the ocean. God's Creation is just great. Jorge De Ford

Hi im an avid fan i found cousteau dvds at a local thrift shop and it brought back found memories of my fascination with his undersea adventures so im hooked again hopefully i can find more episodes on dvd gary corshia

Merci de faire de Calypso une immportelle pour qu'elle continue à porter son message d'espoir pour la Vie! Laurent Matte


L'image que j'avais des fonds sous marins était à peu près celle décrite par Jules Verne lorsqu'on regardait à travers les grands hublots du Nautilus. Une merveille. Mais rien à voir avec ces premières images du Monde du Silence qui révélait au monde de la surface les beautés insoupçonnées que même Jules Verne n'avait pu imaginer. Et la suite des expéditions Cousteau n'ont fait que rendre plus beau et plus compréhensif ce milieu sous marin si proche et aussi si lointain. Merci et bon centenaire, Commandant Cousteau. Michel Rostan

Ex-Calypso crew member 1975 (radio officer and electronics technician) David Lychenheim

Mr. Cousteau will be forever ingrained in my mind and heart as a young child (I was born in '74) my Greek Father always insisted we watch the shows together, and I will never forget them. To this day I can hear the music and Jacques voice in my head. I have three young children now- and they too will be introduced to this magic. Thank you so much Maria Alex