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Good bless you Jacques for let me feel and teach the true mean of the word WORLD. Edgar Velázquez

Merci pour l'ensemble de votre oeuvre , grâce à vous le monde sous-marin me passionne. Eymenier

"Cousteau had an almost magical connection to the life of the sea. He spoke its language fluently. I've never met a man like that in all my life." Lord Mandrake Steven Rapacki

Joyeux anniversaire M.Cousteau, je suis originaire du quebec au Canada et je veux vous dire merci car vos images de nos étendues bleues parce que grâce à elles je me suis découvert une passion notre monde sous-marin que j'admire avec mon masque. Vincent Brouillard

great father for all as.. we miss you Greek Navy SEAL'S manuel

Congratulations to this society and to Cousteau, My inspiration for becoming a biologist and a free and scuba diver.He and his wife were real heroes to explore the oceans for so many years and especially because of the risks. Antonio Garate Pigati

Captain Cousteau was and is an inspiration to people who love the sea and the mysteries that it holds. We were truly blessed by his passion. He and his contributions to the world will NEVER be forgotten! Joe Posival

Bravo Jacques Cousteau, I grew up with you as a child watching your explorations on TV. What you have done to share the beauty that awaits all of us beneath the oceans is incredible. I will always be a lover of the oceans. Thanks for impacting my life in such a positive way. Rick Samuel R.(Rick) Garza

merci aux équipes du commandant Cousteau grâce à lui je suis devenu plongeur explo depuis 1982 et je suis un fervent défenceur de la vie sous marine sous toutes ses formes je suis également fière de faire partie de cette fondation merci aussi pour son très beau livre testament mon commandant je vous salue petitdemange michaël

Best captain ever! Zoran Petic

Pace on World, freedom for all . Zoran Petic

I grew up watching The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau and now into my 50's I still enjoy watching the VHS and DVD collections that are available. Thank You Captain Cousteau warren latozke

My thoughts and thanks for a wonderful contribution to the world. Paul Billett

We have visited your website. We liked it very much. Keep up the good work. Thanks

Many years ago (1975) Cousteau's philosophy changed my life: "The impossible missions are the only ones Which succeed.". I have been thankful to him ever since Emrys Maryons Stanfeld

Happy Birthday Mr Costeau wherever you are and thank you very much for made me so happy with your TV show when I was a kid. Jose Luis

I grew up watching Jaques Cousteau. He inspired me. I am now 51 years of age and I remember when there was no internt. My father watched his show all the time. He is now 87 years of age, and a purple heart recipient. He was a prisoner of war in Japan for 4 years. Anyway, I loved and still do love Cousteau, he was the first to show us the oceans below. He is really a true explorer and a hero for instilling my love of the undersea world. Thank you Vickie Martin vickie martin

merci de garder l'esprit toujours vivant!!! pour 100 temps encore... patrice offman

Captain Cousteau inspired a generation and his true story can do that for future generations. Claire Melville

Visited the poor Calypso a couple days ago, and i'm very said to see her like that!!!! She's a ghost of the proud ship she used to be. Please make her the strong ship full of memories as we all know her!! We travelled from the Netherlands to see her. Anne