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awesome! Mark Green

Will always remember the great documentaries with which I and a whole generation grew up with. JYC the first of many to follow. Chloe Dondos

water and air are more important than stocks and bonds-focus on our environment! Larry Johnson

congrats! abrahim

hello! belle

All of us here at Cabo Divers in Cabo San Lucas would like to thank Jacques Cousteau and the Cousteau society for all there work to save our Oceans.If not for them we all would have no clean place to work and enjoy. DeVore Sherman

I am 52 years old and remember being glued to the TV when "The Undersea World" was on. My father became a diver because of Cousteau. I too became a diver as a result. Merci to the Cousteaus! William Hollingsworth

you were my insperation jaques,god bless have made history in your love for the oceans of the world.x. gary boon

Captain Cousteau and Crew, I have watched your ventures growing up, and have'd everyone of them.... Now I have handed down these ventures to my own kids and grandson. And only hope they will grow to love the oceans and all the live in them, for this I thank you....... Rene A. De Leon

Gracias por tantos momentos tan fantásticos, a tu lado hemos vivido todas tus aventuras. Creo que mucha gente en el mundo pensará, que quieren ser por un día Yves Cousteau. Mariano Martinez

To Captain Jacques Yves Cousteau, your films,inspiration and compassion for the sea started a lifelong love of the ocean and scuba diving for me, I have been diving and involved with the sea for 34 years now and your spirit and vision will remain with me forever. Mike wilkins

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to the person who opened my eyes and heart to the underwater world as a young person many years ago. Learning to dive and helping others learn has given me many hours of pure joy and bliss that I have yet to find above the surface. The work that you and your family have done to open the eyes of so many people to the beautiful world that lies beneath the waters covering most of this planet is a blessing to us all. I thank you so very much!! Emily Richardson

I remember seeing the Calypso passing through the Detroit River. I was proud to know that Jacques-Yves Cousteau was coming to the Great Lakes as an explorer in the spirit of Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, sieur de Cadillac. Thank you for those memories. David A. Bertrand

thank you! capitan! VICTOR J LASANTA

O Captain! My Captain! Oskar

Happy 100! Aspen Tarkington

Captain Cousteau, I enjoyed all the t.v. shows of your crew exploring the deep as I grew up. You love of the sea, and all life in it is unparalleled. You are sorely missed. My God Bless and keep you! Chris Marren

Un passionné,un amoureux de ce monde marin et terrestre. Mais aussi un visionnaire que bon nombre de politiques divers auraient dû s'inspirer de ses conseils et de ses avertissements vis à vis de notre environnement. Nous manquons dans notre société actuel de ces hommes engagés comme l'était le commandant COUSTEAU. Essayons tant bien que mal de rattraper les nombreuses erreurs commises par notre civilisation en protégeant au mieux cette merveilleuse nature qui nous entoure. Marcel TECLES. TECLES MARCEL

I really love your films and your team will have my full support for many years to come. Kevin Karlberg

que le rêve du commandant revive en même temps que son navire "CALYPSO" et que son désir de protéger et de servir la terre enjendre d'autres missions de sauvegarde du respect des droits et devoirs que nous avons de protéger et de servir la terre qui nous a vu naitre, nouri, protéger Le commandant COUSTEAU avait compris cela et a transmit son message de paix envers la nature et les hommes qui la respect et qui doivent la respecter pour nos générations futur qui j'espére continurons le travail q'un homme a accompli et qui nous manque lui qui nous a appris et donné les outils a nous de senservir. PERDRIX Mathieu