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Hello, I'm from Mauritius currently studying Marine Science & Technology. ETWARYSING LEKRAJ

I'm trying to get know about cousteau's. Charlotte Hwang

Beautiful man amanda

Goodbye Captain Cousteau!! Thanks for all!! Luigi Scagnet

Thank you for the preservation of our oceans, saving our whales and marine life and for saving our earth, and thank your son for carrying on your work. We love you!!!!! Shirley Smith

I am only in 6th grade but for I.O.G. (Images of Greatness) I chose Jacques Cousteau, and one day I want to be a Marine Biologist and help the oceans like Jacques Cousteau. Elara Grey

From Greece,i Kostis, will like to congratulate the Cousteau family,for all these efforts over the years to explore-bring to surface and educate the people of this planet for the underwater mysteries of the sea. Pleas keep up the hard work and I will always monitor your movevements and your new adventures. Finally,please try to give more light for further investigation to this magnificent animal-the SHARK!! Best Regards Kostis Kouroubetsis Kostis Kouroubetsis

le doy las gracias a Dios por levantar un hombre como Jacques Cousteau ya que con él aprendí a conocer los mares y la Antartida, me encantaba cuando venía a Chile, y exploraba la Antartida eran mis seriales favoritas.Lindos recuerdos tengo de el en mi infancia. marcela caradeux

Cousteau inspired me to devote my life toward the preservation of the world's oceans. Keep up the good work Cousteau Society! Ryan Preston

When I was a child I dream capitain Cousteau, nowadays I am a master and on my desk there is only one ship model the "Calypso".- Merci pour tout Commandant Cousteau. Alessandro. Alessandro Berselli

Il me manque, ils nous manquent à nous anciens plongeurs, comme il manque j'en suis persuadé à mon AMI CLAUDE WESLY et bien d'autres. J'ai beau voir certains films à la télévision je ne retrouve pas les montages avec les commentaires du Commandant. Je suis aussi navré de voir que sur le livre d'or, il n'y est pas plus de témoignages de plongeurs de notre chère France. Avec son fils Pierre Yves, j'espère que COUSTEAU DIVERS va permettre de mieux faire connaître l'enjeu actuel qui est la préservation de notre environnement. Que bons nombres de politiques et autres relisent les témoignages et les écrits de ce grand visionnaire. Marcel TECLES TECLES

The impossible missions truly become the ones that succeed because of pioneers like you...Thank you for bringing the dreams to life so that generations will carry on your inspiring and valuable work on this planet of ours that never should be taken for granted and for which our oceans add so much life, discovery, and spectacular beauty! Sandy Parker Owens

Fan since childhood in the 60's Miss the PBS Specials of old, should do something new, to remind people that you still are around! Allan Avery

happy birthday! esther

i love you jacques cousteau i am doing a report on you for science and reading about you makes me want to exceed in the world of science mattie

Thank you so much my Honourable Cousteau man.. Memories last forever, and you'll shall never go.. Colleen Woodward

I started to watch Captain Cousteau back in the early 70' this day, I have many fond magical intelligent insights about how wonderfully precious our oceans, seas, and lands are.. To teach and educate our world about how special it really is, so much so, it has became a deep soul matter within me to this day because of his special work.. Colleen Woodward

Hola, parte de mi niñez crecí leyendo libros y mirando lo vídeos de sus exploraciones gracias a Cousteau aprendí a querer la naturaleza, el mar. sigan adelante héroes como uds necesitamos mas en el mundo. LIma Carlos Martinez

My Uncle John taught me so much about the ocean, and have watched you since I was a child. thank you. He tagged sea turtles in the Galapagos for 9 mths. workinking for Woods Hole, solo. Had to have air drops for supplies. He was my inspiration for Marine study and my love for The Ocean..Thank you for all of your future work. Lori Murphy

c'était un grand homme on n'en aura plus comme sa gambardella