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Thanks for the great movie and a life well spent keeping the oceans available for future generations. Now many will suffer from the gulf of Mexico disaster April 20, 2010. I am so sad about the loss of sea life and human tragedies about to unfold from this chemical soup invading our world. We need help. I hope to learn how to help save what is left of the oceans for many future generations to enjoy.In America we are desperate for those who will help focus the monitoring of these toxic oil chemicals so people can be safer and the fish in the sea can survive this disaster. God help us all. Peace and prosperity to you and yours at the Cousteau Foundation. Please help teach how people can make a difference in the recovery of our oceans from this toxic oil if you are able to impart that kind of knowledge. We are all connected through these beautiful blue waters that give oxygen and life to our living planet Earth. Sincerely, Cherokeeewoman Ginny

Hello I´m from Portugal, and i would like to give all of you a big huge and lots of discoverys joao Silva

Grew up watching and taking in every moment. Due to medical probs cant scuba dive but get out and skin dive e=very chance I get. So much to see, always a new experience.. Thank you for all your good work. Greg Andrew

He made us familiar with and love the "Other Earth," his "World Without Sun." Inventor, explorer, film maker, and citizen of the world, we will remember Cousteau forever. I met him once at an Underwater Film Festival in San Diego, and he was as genuinely warm and engaging as you would ever have hoped. That was part of his magic, of finding a means to connect with each of us, and make us feel what he saw. Kevin Hardy

Hello - Just a quick note to thank you and the organization. I am 47yrs old and grew up watching TV when it was simple yet effective. I loved you and what you did - RIP - I also liked mutual of omahas wild kingdom These shows, especially your fathers have influenced my life in huge ways...Thank You. Captain Augie Agostino Buttinelli

Pour le centenaire du Commandant Cousteau, je souhaite que son esprit visionnaire traverse les années et continue de nous montrer le cap à suivre, pour nous, pour les générations futures. Membre de l'Equipe Cousteau depuis la fameuse campagne de signatures pour la préservation de l'Antarctique, je ne cesse de transmettre autour de moi tout ce que j'ai appris grâce au Commandant Cousteau, malgré les écueils. Et comme ils n'ont jamais été aussi nombreux que maintenant, je voulais vous remercier, Madame Cousteau, vos enfants et toute votre équipe de poursuivre ainsi l'oeuvre du Commandant. Nous avons besoin de vous aujourd'hui plus que jamais. Que la Calypso vogue de nouveau pour que l'on puisse suivre son sillage et continuer ensemble à mener à bien d'autres missions impossibles. LittleMoonwalk

Bonne fete. Alain Tasse

Merci mille fois pour le bonheur et l'émerveillement que vous nous avez apporté vous resterez a jamais graver dans nos mémoires, merci à Francine et ses enfants de perpétuer son oeuvre, il y a quelque temps vous m'aviez envoyé de nombreux magazine et BD suite à l'envoie de dessins par les enfants de mon centre de loisirs ils ont beaucoup appris grâce aux oeuvre du commandant comme quoi le message n'a pas vieilli et les images restent captivante. Merci et bon centenaire à tout l'équipe Cousteau nous sommes de tout coeur avec vous ;) Guilloteau Mathieu

Congratulations on your wonderful success, and continue the wonderful work. I live in suburban New Orleans and know that you all are involved, but we are not hearing what you are doing. Too much coverage of BP idiots; they need to focus on YOUR work as well as the people who rescue the birds. thank you, Adele Bishop P.S. Keep up the wonderful work! I taped everyone of the Cousteau Society series on TCM on June 11, and it was wonderful. I watched them on TV as a child and it brought back such memories. My late parents were members of the Cousteau Society, Louis and Kathleen Durio. Adele Bishop

Happy birthday Captain Cousteau. I am a big fan of you forever!!! ELOA PRATA

Mahalo (thank you)- Cousteau for the legacy you have left for our generation. D. Ka`au Abraham

Gracias por su gran calidad humana, Comandante Cousteau, somos muchos los que navegaremos toda nuestra vida con Usted, hasta siempre!!! Carlos Guzman

HONOR A QUIEN HONOR MERECE por una vida ejemplar. Marcos Romero Hernandez


I am a founding year member. I took 7 years of French and majored in the sciences because of the TV series. Happiness is a SCUBA dive away! CAPT Brent A. Dorman USNR-Retired

Happy, Happy Birthday!! & Thank you for everything you have done to protect our beautiful oceans and it's wildlife!!! I love you! Please feel free to join us for HANDS ACROSS THE SAND @ Buckroe Beach in Hampton on Sat., June 26! Take I64 West to N Mallory St. About 2.5 miles turn Right on Point Comfort Avenue. Beach is at end of road. We will be meeting at the end of Point Comfort Ave. It starts @ 12:00 and only lasts for 15 minutes! Get there early if possible....... Eva Winters

I live in Greece and I am a Cousteau Society member since 1985. For me, Jacques-Yves Cousteau was commander, inventor, conservationist, explorer, scientist, diver, adventurer... He gave humanity a deep knowledge about the diverse ecosystem that lives beneath the sea surface. His passion and true love of the environment, as well as his deep understanding of the extremely delicate marine ecosystem and its interaction with all living creatures on this planet, made him a wonderful spokesman on behalf of all of nature and of our generation. Today, we feel deep obligation to say "Thank you Captain for your contribution to knowledge". George Vlahos, Cousteau Society member, Greece

He opened Mother Ocean to us, that we might see and experience the source of life on this small planet Heartsong

HI-Yo Calypso, we sing to your glory...! Tom Groh

Merci au commandant qui m'a donné la passion de la plongée.Que notre terre se préserve de notre comportement et que mon fils puisse voir ce que j'ai vu sous l'eau. Piron Dominique