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Hola, soy admirador del Capitan Jacques Yves Cousteau Oscar Lamberty González

Hi everyone , great site i look forward to looking closer ! Many Thanks Happy New Year Dave Dave Moore

The recent review in the natilus magazine brought back so many happy memories of the trips of this fine ship and Jacque, I hope that soon we will see the Calypso once again become the figure head of all things marine conservation. Gordon Downard

Captain Cousteau was one of the most memorable human being, cientist, researcher and inventor. He is still alive in our heart and memories. The world needs more people like him. Ana Lucia Isolani Ana Lucia Isolani

You and those that support the Cousteau mission are helping to save our world...I am a believer that we can all survive [ human, marine, and plant life TOGETHER ] I found a Cousteau wrist watch that I must have acquired yeras ago on an eco trip...Cousteau Exlorations on the black face 100 meters water resistant also printed on front....on reverse is imprinted: Japan Movement, Calypso Mermaid Logo, Society Cousteau, 10 ATM Water Resistant. Are these watches still available ? I would like to purchase for my employees. Keep up the great work steve szymanski

je suis un vrai admirateurs du feu cousteau car étant jeune collégien au début des années 90 je suivais avec attention à la télévision Nigérienne les odyssées sou marines du feu commandant Cousteu aujourd'hui étant journaliste je suis toujours les activités de the cousteau society et je salue l'initiative de Madame francine Cousteau d'oeuvrer pour cette cause noble pour l'humanité. Gounga Gounga GUIBRIMA

He's a true definition of a hero. Tommi virtanen

Just read "l'homme, la pieuvre et l'orchidee". Jacques Cousteau had a really profound understanding of what had to change in our world to avoid a global catastrophe. It is sad to see that no one has listened to him 30 years ago when Commandant Cousteau warn world governments about all the evidence of global warming, damages to environment as well as poverty and the demographic challenges we are facing. May we all continue J.Y Cousteau's work and find the strength in his work and philosophy to do what our governments are not willing to do to protect our planet. Thank you "Pacha". Yann

Pour celui qui m'a fait devenir ce que je suis... GARAULT

I read "The living sea"in the 1974, I was eleven years old; two years later I became a divers. Alessandro Berselli

You bring hope to South Africa and the whole world. Perhaps we should change the name of the Springboks to a name of an aquatic animal. Nelson Mandela

Vivo en España tengo 42 años Y admiro al Capitan Cousteau desde lo 8 años creci y vivi cada uno de sus trabajos, es un placer firmar este guestbook y aqui tiene un amigo un abrazo Eugenio Sepúlveda Gonzalez

To have a clean planet for us and our children's future is our birth right. April Seldon

A man who has truely done wonders for both Man and Planet! A true inspiration! David R. MurrayII

I was a charter member of the Cousteau Society and,although I have strayed from the home team will again come aboard and support the great cause established by Capt Cousteau. My best regards to the restoration team of the Calypso! as i constantly review the "cut away" I rec'd years ago I in-vision a new beginning for her and her crew. Regards, Ronald Klafka Ron Klafka

i remember as a child watching your documentries, this is what has inspired me in life and respect our beautiful oceans and creatures thank you Adam 

I am very impressed by the voyages and its discoveries in the oceans by the human spirit through the Cousteau Society. The best is yet to come; challenging and Divine. Alex H. Andrade

I love the ocean,lakes,creeks...treat them all good and they will return the sentiment. Alise Zimmerman

Hi. So happy to renew my membership. I have always been a fan. I met Francine and crew of the ALCYON back in 2005 when they visited Rhode Island. I gave Francine one of my Healing Dolphin sculptures and she wrote me the nicest personal letter. I have framed and hung this in my shop called the SEA STAR featuring 50 local artists who get their inspiration from the Sea. We also support programs such as yours that help our oceans and environment. Again, MANY THANKS for all that you do to help our planet and especially our Sea Mammal Friends! XOXO! Bonnie Blue. Bonnie Blue

thank god for all your work and your family to silas  ash