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I was a camera-man in my high school for 3 years, during the last year I found a copy of Diving for Sunken Treasure in the library. Your whole crew is an inspiration. I hope to one day learn to dive and film underwater.... Thank you so much for all that you do for me, and the ocean.. It is truly honorable. Mark Powell

I am now also a diver(at 50)you were always an inspiration through my youth.Met Paul Rose today who worked with your Grandson Phillipe,Best regards to your family.When will the Calipso be back on the seas and near England ? Michael Pryce

Thank you for all that you do for the Oceans and Seas of the World. I, for one, certainly appreciate it! Sherry Heida

God bless all of you Virginia Swanson

Thanks for the heritage that you leave the earth! Especially the planet may benefit of Turbo sails even in 2011 Martien Pieters

Jacques Cousteau's way of investigating and saving wildlife is improving daily in its value for the earth! The exploitation of the Turbo Sails by Jacques Cousteau can even in 2011 be an example of techniques that need to be utilised much more in Marine societies for sustainable transport. Thanks Jacques Cousteau for your incredible heritage to the earth!! Martien Pieters, the Netherlands Martien Pieters

J'encourage l'equipe Cousteau pour tout Paquot

It's a pleasure to sign captain cousteau's guestbook. He's one of the most important conservationist for all times. Daniel Blamires

nice world. Sir.Pendal.Raleigh

We are an 8th grade earth science class in GA. We love Capt. Cousteau's red knit cap. We liked learning about artificial reefs and how people lived and worked underwater. The parrot was cool! Brittany, Sarah, Tyler, Tyree, Daniel, Ashley, Abigail, Seth and Mrs. Hoskins Mrs. Hoskins's Earth Science class

'Loved your programs through the years. 'Have lived in Alaska for twenty plus years. 'Currently go boating in Prince William Sound. It is your voice Jacques Cousteau that resounds in the mind when I explore Prince William Sound. Thank you for the love of the sea that you have shown in your programs. Doug Burney

I was going to say R.I.P. Cap'n, but I guess you won't till we smarten up down here. With all the repeats on t.v. these days why are not Capt'n Cousteau's series, with their important, necessary & inspirational messages on also? Ron

Teaching Ecology in a Waldorf school has allowed me to introduce my students to someone who had a great effect on my life and my appreciation of the oceans - Jacques Y. Cousteau! I am bringing a new generation into the act of caring for the oceans and it's plights. Patricia Robertson-Russell

very informative website frank lyons

Long live the legacy of captain cousteau and the cousteau team John Weeden Jr

Mr. Cousteau, you are one of my main influences to wanting to preserve our world's oceans. I want nothing more in my life than to become a Marine Biologist, discover new things, and defeat evil's harm to our waters. Thank you for making such an impact on mine and many other people's lives. -- Morgan H. Morgan H.

I rember the cayplso in Norfolk Va. and watching the movies about your missions , Best wishes hope to see Cayplso 2 ,Hi ho the places youve been Julian Massey


Thank you for the work you do. As an educator, I am always interested in research in and about the world's oceans. I grew up watching the Jacques Cousteu specials and programs. Keep up the good work. Dr. Jesse R. Hale

salut a tous le commandant cousteau est un homme qui a oeuvré pour le bien de l'humanité et fait partie de ces gens qui a contribue a rendre le monde meilleur voila au revoir a vous jean christophe jean-christophe leclerc