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Love your site! Liz

In the late 60's I worked for U.S. Divers Company in Santa Ana, California. I had the awesome opportunity to board the Calypso and meet Jaques Cousteau. I still have a treasured photo of me shaking hands with Captain Cousteau on the deck of Calypso. I truly hope that one day soon the refurbishment of Calypso will be completed and will be capable of setting sail again. Mike McKay, Huntington Beach, CA Mike McKay

¡VIVA COUSTEA! Desde mi infancia he crecido viendo sus documentales y gracias a eso ahora soy un amante de la naturaleza y del mundo si¡ubmarino en especial.La humanidad necesita de personajes singulares como el Capitan Cousteau, saludos desde España. Manuel José Carpintero Manzanares, Presidente de la Sociedad Asronómica y Geográfica de Ciudad Real

We are doing a report about Jacques Cousteau in school and we are very impressed by his work and hope the organization continues to do as great of a job as Captain Cousteau did. Noah S, Luke R, Tom M

We are an high school students in Wagoner OK and we read your website because we are reading "Kon Tiki" right now. We love your pic and we liked your information about the oceans. Thank you. Kayla Melia Jeff Herman Jalan Scruggs Jerry Green Chris Poole Lawrence Evitt Ms. Peterson Ms. Tart Ms. Peterson's English Class

i'love captain cousteau,because your great job in sea. cineas cineas marreiros

Neat website thanks for sending me the link! Frank Catcher

All the places Captain Cousteau and crew showed the world, all the information brought forth, the learning, the realization of the importance of knowledge. So vital. Thank you all, from everyone on the planet. Brian James Mason

Love the site! Deborah Kindrick

go on ! Federico Bellan

Jacques Yves Cousteau is an inspiration to be all that you can be, and continue to achieve your dreams, Thanks to him we now know more about our seas, and have ways to explore them, My hat is off to Couseau, and his crew, Rest in peace Jacques Maverick Gentry

merci jacques Yves cousteau grâce à lui et son équipe je suis devenu un plongeur autonome plongée c vivre les sensations des films du comandant lhotellier jean jacques

An endless and unforgettable real Hero J.C. Lopez-Johnston

mother earth loves u jack :)x badreddine el assad 

Thank you for what your organization is doing. My father was a big fan of Jacques and we used to watch "the adventures" together often Roberta mansfield

The Calypso Organization here in the UK ( including Calypso Publications) was originally named in honour of the work done by Mon.Cousteau and his original vessel and team Gerald Jennings

happy anniversary , would like to share the save the whale on face book .no easy button ! eileen flores

I've been a fan of the Cousteau Society since the early years. In 1994 I learned to dive, and a Divemaster. Because of The Couseteau Society, many people will continue to support you and your cause Minnie Butler-Wallace

I´m from Panama, and a big fan of Jacques Cousteau Jacques André Boutet Bruña

Your work is as important as life it's self KEEP DOING THIS VALUABLE WORK Alex Grant