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bonjour, j'ai 40 ans et je voulais vous dire que comme tant de gens j'ai "grandi" avec le Commandant. Lui et mes parents m'ont appris à aimer et protéger notre planète. J'essaie de transmettre à ma fille de 4 ans. Puisse la mémoire du Commandant survivre après notre génération ! Merci à lui et à vous pour la suite de ses "combats" ! carole baumann

I believe in the Cousteau mission. Please continue the great and important work. Thanks David L. Crawford

"The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" was one of my favorite shows (along with National Geographic specials, etc.) when I was pre-school age until I was no longer able to find the show on tv. I am overjoyed that you have been able to save Calypso! Long may she sail! Robert A. Holmberg

Jacques-Yves Costeau was one of the most outstanding conservationists and oceanographers of all times. He inspired many people who tried to follow his steps, me included. As a child, watching Costeau's tv series and reading his book was crucial to decide what I would do in my life: today I am a zoologist. Thanks, captain Costeau. Your amazing work will live forever. Danilo Russo

Le Commandant, la Calypso & son equipe a travers les annees ont ete une source d'emerveillement, d'inspiration & de passion depuis ma tendre enfance dans mon ile natale - L'Ile Maurice. Francois De Sornay

I watched the films and read the books and was influenced by the obvious love and empathy that JC had for the oceans and seas. I learnt to dive and still have my red knitted hat 40yrs later. As John Denver sang, Calypso I sing to your spirit, and to the men who served you so long and so well.Family Cousteau keep up the good work. David Kristiansen

I first read about you as a child growing up in Wisconsin. I then read about you in college, as I studied dolphin intelligence. I have now been reacquainted with you in your grandson Phillipe in the Ocean Blue series. Its amazing to see your family legacy in action! Viva Cousteau! Jane Gresser

I wish we had more people like Cousteau on TV these days, the public would be much more aware of the effects of modern life on the Oceans. Ignorant consumerism has driven key fish species to extinction and the lack of awareness by the public has permitted companies to treat the oceans like one big toilet. Please STOP now. Education, education, education. Bill Pandis

i watched your programes as a kid and i loved seeing you under the sea i think it was weekly om the bbc it was fantastic and watching your programes with you explaining what was what it was great i learnt so much ab out under the sea the beautiful fish and the coral reefs things i will omly ever see on the tv it helped me look to God as everything so wonderfully made it encouraged me to look to the bible so thank you and thank Jehovah my God that i started following about 25 years ago but i was helped but watching you about 35 years ago made me wonder about how every thing came about the lovely things you showed on the telly thanks i appreciated it Andrew Baker


Be well Chris John Casey

Thank you for all you have done for life and exploration in the seas here on our earth. A monumental task. Jim Mayo

Bonjour, Je me souviens que lorsque j'avais 3, 4 et 5 ans, encore aujourd'hui à 43 ans toujours été fasciné par le sens de la découverte scientifique et le sens profond de la mission et de la vision de Jacques Yves Cousteau, et je suis heureux qu'en 2011 cette mission se prolonge. Bravo à toute l'Équipe. J'ai une profonde admiration pour ce que vous faites. Merci! Louis-Eric David Louis-Eric David

Vive mesie cousteau. Felicidades. Es un honor firmar este. Ciberbook Jorge Pimienta

My Friend... Weee SEA,? Bernard

Monsieur Cousteau, le héros de mon adolescence, grace à qui je suis devenu plongeur.....Mes respects, Monsieur, et merci. Patrick

felicito a todos que admiram o trabalho e a obra de cousteau ! cineas marreiros


Water is life! Adriano Dall'Alpi

Thank you Captain Couseau for enriching my life of the world and making scuba accesable for me Jeffrey Walser