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Mes enfants ont découvert l'année dernière les aventures du commandant Cousteau version dessin animé. Mon garçon qui a maintenant 9 ans, a developpé un grand intérêt a tout ce qui touche la vie océanographique et quelle ne fut pas sa surprise quand je lui ai expliquer que le commandant Cousteau n'était pas qu'un personnage de dessin animé, mais quelqu'un qui a vraiment existé et qui a vraiment fait tout cela. Depuis ce jour, le commandant est le modèle de mon garçon en ce qui attrait à son avenir! C'est super comme modèle avec tout ce que l'on voit aujourd'hui dans les médias. Merci beaucoup de faire perdurer le rêve! Hélène

Thank you Bob Holder

ne tuons pas la beauté du monde Michelle Laplante

keep up the good work. Kathleen Culligan

I have watched every movie that he has ever made and I treasure them dearly.I loved the amazon as one of my favorites. I am sorry that he is gone as he was the greatest man that I have ever seen or will ever see! I will miss him dearly. Yours Truly John Tomlins JOHN TOMLINS

Happy Birthday to one the most important men to ever care about the world kim murphy

Captain Cousteau was the reason for my interest in Marine Biology. He has performed a wonderful service for this water planet and mankind in turn. I will miss him greatly. Phillip Eugene Constantin

Viva Vaquita! So happy to see more progress towards the preservation of this highly endangered species. Please visit Diane Glim

Since my father showed me the video tapes from Captain Cousteau and his fleet, I've been in love of the sea. Never leave this duty of saving the seas, it is very needed. Thanks for all your efforts. Alejandro Triviño Buendía

Peace, Love And Light ~;))~~~ JAMES B. PRESTON

Thanks for safeguarding the seas :) I grew up admiring Jacques Yves Cousteau's documentaries in the 1975's-1985's, I don't remember anyone else back then so concerned with protecting the environment. It must have been Jacques who inspired me to feel that natural instinct to protect the Earth. Thank you for so many years as custodians of the seas... jorge fernandez

I remember watching Monsieur Cousteau and his Voyages in Calypso when I was a lot younger!! Seeing all these amazing underwater views and Marine Creatures, it was fascinating to a young boy!! Now many years later I wish they would show those programs again, maybe now is the time we need to understand our oceans more!! I look forward to the day when I can see those fantastic Voyages of Captain Cousteau and Calypso again!! Belated Happy Birthday Captain!! Paul Edward Montador

I feel very fortunate to have been taught by the greatest man of all..Jacques Yves Cousteau!He has been my inspiration to study,protect and preserve our ocean planet. This is why I visit classrooms twice a week to teach children to value their ocean planet. He is by far our greatest Ocean advocate... He will always be my hero! Thank You Jacques Cousteau! Sincerely, Kathy L. Carrillo Kathy L. Carrillo

Respect from Glasgow Scotland I will tell my children about Jacques Cousteau and the great work and discoveries he and his team have made over the years! Best regards James:0) James McCormack

Un homme dont les films d'expédition ont bercé mon enfance. Il nous a fait rêver, partager sa passion, ses découvertes, son amour pour le milieu marin, le père de la plongée moderne... Merci pour tout commandant ! LEMAIRE Guillaume

Your organization is wonderful and has been the initial spark in my interest of ocean. Placing responsibility with the human race to leave no trace. Jonathan O'Neal

Every time I see pictures of Jaques, I feel as if I am looking at a photo of a beloved, departed family member. I grew up watching Cousteau, and my love of the sea began there. Thank you for keeping his legacy alive. Christopher McCoy

I love the sea for many reasons . Surely one of the most important is Captain Cousteau ! I am so happy for Calypso 2 , Alcyone and especially for CALYPSO ! Keep walking ! Theodossios Gkinis

Thank you for the work you do. Shgepards of the worlds seas and the animals, plants and fish in which they inhabit. It is the work of the most important nature. We need more of what people like you provide. May Blessings follow in each and every day. Cami Opulski

Thank you! Bay E. Ingram