Calypso Log

Founder Jacques Cousteau believed that informed and aware citizens can best make the choices necessary to maintain a healthy planet and Calypso Log provides the information they need. Calypso Log, published in French and English for the Society and its sister organization in France Equipe Cousteau, updated readers on activities of the Society (expeditions, international advocacy, etc.) and offered in-depth examination of crucial issues. Interviews with recognized experts and leading figures address legal, ethical and environmental subjects, and a Focus feature delved into subjects that are important to the Cousteau mission, from cetaceans to sea-level rise, from the preservation of biodiversity to human diversity.

Today, the Calypso Log publication has been interrupted to develop a new version of the Calypso Log to move forward with the mission inherited from Captain Cousteau, assess the world of today from the point of view of future generations and keep the sustained link between the Cousteau Society and its friends.