Franck Machu

Born in 1968, Franck Machu has been marked since childhood by the Cousteau adventures he lived by proxy through the television and through books of Jacques Cousteau.

This consuming passion, never extinct, has influenced many of his choices: his studies in Marine Engineering, his introduction to diving 22 years ago, his first job, as a representative of the French Environment Agency in Mayotte, his job as a design engineer in offshore technology, its voracious appetite for the sea, adventure, his collection of books about the diving history, his research on the Cousteau epopee, etc ... In 2003 this is the decisive encounter of Andre Laban, key collaborator of Captain Cousteau from the early 50s, which led in the writing of an anthology of Cousteau filmography, published by Editions du Rocher, with the support of 'Cousteau Society, and available in two versions (in french only).

The first, "Cousteau, 20 000 rêves sous les mers", published in 2010, is for the "general public". The second, "Un cinéaste nommé Cousteau" is increased by 45% compared to the first, and is addressed to the reader who is fond of the Cousteau work.This anthology describes the technical innovations in terms of diving and underwater filmmaking, gives details about shootings, let the operators, divers, directors, key players in the filmmaking, tell the story, and highlights the full scope of the Cousteau work.

Franck is now helping in the drafting of site pages He can be reached at