Albert Falco passed away.

23 April 2012

Born in Marseille on October 17th 1927, Albert Falco has returned to the silent world at age 84.

In 1950, Falco tries the Cousteau – Gagnan SCUBA and dreams of meeting Cousteau who is already famous in Marseille.
« And one day, the miracle happened, explains Falco. My life, all of my life was decided at once, the dream became reality. Cousteau and his friends, of which we spoke so often, were accepting volunteers to help explore a very ancient shipwreck off the coast of Marseille. Weekend divers were accepted. I joined the team. It was a miracle.» It was on August 16th 1952 on the Grand Congloué wreck. Albert Falco was 25 years old.

January 7th 1954, at 9:30 pm, the Calypso leaves the port of Toulon for her first expedition to the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Falco is on board, it is his first great mission. He became chief diver of the Cousteau team, and then captain of the Calypso. He is the first pilot of the diving saucer in July 1959 in the port of Marseille and one of the first Oceanauts, with Claude Wesly, to live for 7 days at a depth of 10 meters in the first house under the sea in the Mediterranean – Diogene.

In 1963, he takes part in the Conshelf 2 experiment in the Red Sea. Captain Cousteau was testing the capacity of men to live and work underwater. This experiment is presented in the movie ‘the World Without Sun”.

After 40 years with the Cousteau Society, he retires in 1990.

During the past 20 years, he shared his time between Martinique and Marseille, inspiring new generations with his memories and encouraging marine conservation.

The Cousteau Society joins all the people who knew him and all those who have followed the incredible adventures of Captain Cousteau in mourning.