A JY Cousteau marine observatory in Mexico.

The Cousteau Society is pleased to announce the establishment of a marine observatory bearing the name of Jacques Yves Cousteau at the prestigious Center for Scientific Research from the north-east Mexico (CIBNOR). At least six Mexican and French institutions will be involved in the observatory activities. The Jacques Yves Cousteau observatory will “unite scientific work on the environmental impact from humans and climate change on Mexico's coastlines”.

Francine Cousteau, President of the Cousteau Society and Tarik Chekchak, Head of Programmes will inaugurate the observatory and participate to the first seminary. Beyond the great honour that France and Mexico make to Captain Cousteau and the Cousteau Society, Francine Cousteau will make sure of a long-term presence and collaboration with Mexico. In particular, the activities of the associations founded by Captain Cousteau will contribute to the Mexican effort to establish an integrated and sustainable management of the seas and coastlines, for the training of decision-makers, the education of child to the environmental issues and more widely of the general public.

"Up to now, there's nothing comparable to this cooperation" anywhere in the world, French ambassador to Mexico Daniel Parfait told a news conference in Mexico City. "The observatory aims to advise local governments on environmental protection and seek joint international funding for research", said Sergio Hernandez, director general of the Center of Scientific Research of the Northwest (CIBNOR)

"Several unique marine ecosystem are found in Mexico and the Cousteau Observatory of CIBNOR will significantly contribute to their scientific monitoring. Such effort is critical to advise decision-makers and sustainably preserve the countless services that ecosystems do to humans." Tarik Chekchak, Head of Program at The Cousteau Society declares.

At the same time, the President of Mexico recently announced that an island in the Sea of Cortez would bear the name of Jacques Cousteau. For this occasion, he declared "Mexicans acknowledge the role of one of the most notable custodians of Nature, of the ecology, of the sea… who dedicated a part of his life to explore our marine biodiversity."

Captain Cousteau and his team indeed explored Mexico and its water on several occasions between 1968 and 1992, in particular the Sea of Cortez and the Yucatan Bay. They followed the migration of whales from the Bearing Sea to the Baja California peninsula; they studied seabirds of Isla Isabela during a year and tried to unravel the mystery of the sleeping sharks of the Yucatan. Their adventures are told in 6 films and several scientific reports.

“This first observatory bearing the name of the Captain is a great support for scientists that dedicate their life to research, the insatiable curiosity of whom allows us to know and protect better our water planet”, Francine Cousteau concludes.

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