State of the World's Forests report 2009

The 2009 edition of the biennial “State of the World's Forests” report was published by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) on Monday 16 March 2009.

The report summarizes the outlook for forests and forestry in each region, examines past trends and projected demographic, economic, institutional and technological changes to outline the scenario for 2030 and considers how forestry will have to adapt for the future.

It reveals that world forests face the dual challenge of climate change and the global economic crisis. It also suggests that although the economic slowdown might reduce deforestation rates in the short term, it is also likely to lead to other problems, like a lack of investment in the sector and in forestry management.

However, Mr Nair, one of the report's lead authors and the FAO Forestry Department's chief economist added, the downturn was having some beneficial effects.

"We are seeing a decline in the prices of soya beans, palm oil and rubber etc," he explained while interviewed by BBC. "The prices have fallen drastically, so this means that the incentives for cultivating these crops have also gone down. As a result, the pressure to clear primary forest stands is also declining."

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