The Deep partners with Cousteau to study manta rays.

The Deep a charitable public aquarium located in Hull, in England, recognized for its ethical educational and environmental programs. A partnership agreement has been signed between Cousteau and The Deep as part of an ambitious program developed by Cousteau in the Red Sea to study and protect sharks and rays. The Deep has expressed a wish to make a significant contribution to that part of the program concerning the iconic manta ray.

Sharks and rays play an important role in maintaining the balance of marine ecosystems but they are also targets of fisheries and victims of accidental capture. Each year, 150 million sharks are killed across the world, an astounding figure that is certainly an underestimate. Sharks and rays are long-lived species that reach reproductive maturity slowly and give birth to few young with a long gestation period, all of which make them particularly vulnerable to over-exploitation. As a result, nearly ten percent of elasmobranch species (sharks and rays) are on the IUCN Red List and threatened with extinction to some degree.

Cousteau looks forward to working with The Deep and thanks the “submarium” for its willingness to contribute to this effort with financial and technical support and human resources.

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