Sudan expedition 2013: A blazing experience by Lisa Capelli

When I received the e-mail by the Cousteau Society that said: “Your are the two Cousteau Divers that have been selected for the Shark expedition in Sudan”, I couldn’t believed! It was a dream that I had always desired!!!!!

As a marine biologist, I have always followed the initiatives organized by the Cousteau Divers because I think that it is one of the most serious Society in the world regarding observations of ecosystems and, in particular, it provides to help people to understand the functionality of the undersea world and during this expedition I saw it with my eyes and I turned back home very satisfied!

In fact, during this week, I have been involved in various researches that have taken place on the boat M/Y Elegante. I have actively participated in the various studies carried out by different researchers and I loved the way we work as a team, a very united team without competitions. I observed, on the contrary, how all the Cousteau Divers helped each other forming an unique team independently regardless of their work: I can say that the goal of all was the knowledge and protection of the sea. During this week I felt at home!

In Italy, for example, is very difficult working in this way due to lack of funds causing harsh competition between the various departments of the university. It’s very sad because I think that the exchange of information is very important especially for what regards the sea system of which we know still very little. In fact I would like to leave Italy to continue my studies abroad and if it were possible I would like to take part in another Cousteau Divers expedition.

I hope that my work has been helpful and appreciated because what I did I did it with enthusiasm and love for knowledge and for the sea.

Thank you for all.