Following President Trump’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement our chairwoman Francine Cousteau has this message for the public:

When the leader of a friendly state makes a serious mistake, he must be helped to rectify it. We must act to move forward and find solutions.

Now is the time to encourage the steps taken by US companies and local authorities to take the necessary measures to reduce pollution and the use of fossil resources. More than 1,000 of the most important US business leaders have already pledged to continue to work in this direction, and it is time to reach out to those who have not yet joined the movement.

It is not because it is no longer mandatory that it should not be done. On the contrary, virtuous citizenship concerns companies first and is not dependentant on a restrictive setting to move forward.

It is in their economic and social interest to go with this change. In the energy sector alone, the clean energy industry is booming in the US with a growth rate that is 17 times higher than the US growth rate itself. Moreover, this sector currently creates 2.5 times more jobs than fossil fuels!

Yet, energy sources are not the only problem. More than ever, we strongly encourage research around the world to advance in the direction of ecologically clean, sustainable and economically sound solutions.

 As Captain Cousteau would say: “As long as human beings continue to have children, they implicitly express their desire to see their species survive and develop harmoniously. Such management thus begins with choices that must eliminate all the risks that have a chance, even a small one, of threatening the essential survival of the species “.

 L’Equipe Cousteau and The Cousteau Society are committed to intervening immediately with industrialists and governments to federate forces of innovation.

 We can all work towards these goals and we will see results that will reconcile economy, ecology, and our societies.
Help us move forward together.


Francine Cousteau
Equipe Cousteau
The Cousteau Society