PYC-COP21 - 1 (1)Today, 3rd December, in a Youth round-table among Young researchers and activists for ocean protection, Pierre-Yves left the message of engaging people by touching their values, as his father said « The people protect what they love » and unfortunately the main motivation worldwide nowadays is economic. However, we have to join this young force of change, improvement and solutions.
Since August 2015, Cousteau Divers and the University of Queensland spearhead the Project Hermes. Using satellite sea surface temperature, diver’s computers and a collaborative, non-profit, open source software and database, Project Hermes will provide near real-time temperatures of the ocean, especially in coastal areas and using for that data taken by recreative divers on their divecomputers. Ocean temperatures are steadily increasing yet our understanding of how they vary at the scale of the ecosystems is largely unknown to science except at the surface using mostly satellite imageries.
Pierre-Yves also mentioned that our generation can be the last one that had the opportunity to see an environment which was healthy and got sick, so we are the ones, responsible to transform our disappointment and rebellion in actions