Young students of Cornell University are launching the Plastic Tides expedition on June 8th 2014, as part of the World Oceans Day celebration and awareness event in collaboration with Keep Bermuda Beautiful (

The expedition will last 10 days around the island of Bermuda. The team will camp from beach to beach while paddling around the island to document the natural beauty and the ever-growing presence of coastal plastic pollution.

The expedition is dedicated to raising awareness about coastal plastics pollution. The Plastic Tides team will collect scientific data for the marine microplastics project and hopes to inspire others passionate about the marine environment to take a stand against water pollution.

Check out the Plastic Tides website, or follow the effort on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to learn more and find out how you can become involved in saving our precious coastal waters from pollution.

You still have 5 days to help help the team and donate for their project on their Kickstarter campaign!