Sounds of the silent world

On the occasion of World Oceans Day, discover the first infographic on Sounds of the Ocean and the sometimes surprising impacts of noise polution on marine species. Throughout the month of June we will post an assembly of 9...


Agente Cousteau in Brazil

Based on its expertise for environmental education, in collaboration with the Minas Gerais State in Brazil and the UNESCO-HidroEx center, the Cousteau Society developed a program for kids from 6 to 11 years old focused on freshwater issues named...


Restore Rapa Nui

HELP US plant 1,400,000 trees on Easter Island! Maururu (Thank You)!   OUR WORLD’S REFERENCE FOR ECOLOGICAL RECOVERY Jacques Cousteau said: “Alone in the middle of the big Ocean, Easter Island is like planet Earth alone in


Vaquita Conservation in Mexico

The Cousteau Society has committed to the preservation of the vaquita—the most endangered cetacean in the world—by partnering with the Mexican scientific consortium Oceanides Conservación y Desarrollo Marino, A.C. This consortium works on sustainable use of marine and coastal...


Cousteau Petition for Whales – Wanted Alive !

Twenty-five years ago, under strong international pressure, in which Jacques Cousteau was a key leader, the International Whaling Commission enacted a moratorium on international commercial whaling. But using the justification of local traditions or supposed scientific goals, Japan, Norway and...


UNESCO – Cousteau Ecotechnie Programme

Education, science and technology are paramount to ensure human welfare and sustainability today and for future generations in a world that faces increasing environmental problems. In 1992, Captain Cousteau was an official guest at the United Nations Conference on...