Thank you for helping the Cousteau Society protect and defend our planet’s oceans and all the lives they nurture and sustain. 


Cousteau Collection

 If you wish to donate via check please send it to the address below:


Greeley Square Station
4 East 27th Street
PO Box 20321
New York, NY 10001

Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau left his mark forever on the planet and the oceans. Now you can as well.


Your impact will save endangered species, maintain the perpetuity of environmental education courses, and keep strong our lobby for the sustainable use of the earth’s resources.

There are many forms of planned giving that are simple yet gratifying, and do not sacrifice income or security for your own family. All it takes is some basic planning.

  • Naming The Cousteau Society as a beneficiary of your will, by set- ting aside a certain dollar amount or leaving a percentage of your estate/assets.
  • Naming us as a beneficiary of an existing life insurance policy, an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), or other qualified pension plan.
  • Establishing a new life insurance policy or charitable trust that benefits The Cousteau Society.

Many planned gifts may provide tax benefits to you or your loved ones.

Your membership in the Calypso Society will help to sustain Cousteau’s vital work in saving the world’s oceans.

For more information or to get started, please contact Francine Cousteau at 212-532-2588.