Affiche-film-tresors-delta---copie-ConvertImageThe Cousteau Society participated in a debate about the biodiversity of Danube Delta, where the Captain Jacques Cousteau developed a deep research on the beginning of 90’s. Expedition that collaborated with the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site implementation on 1991.

On board, Jacques Cousteau traveled through Danube River from its source, the Black Forest, in Germany (1991) to the Danube delta in the border of Romania and Ukraine (1992). The two years experience provided a final recommendation report “The Danube, for whom and why? ” and the documentary “Danube” , which is divided in 4 movies about this project of Jacques Cousteau and his team:
– Danube 1: Lever de Rideau
– Danube 2: Le rêve de charlemagne
– Danube 3: Les cris du fleuve
– Danube 4: Les débordements du fleuve

The recommendations include a comprehensive approach that link ecology, economy, technology and the social and political systems, which propose the communication between countries due its transboundary areas.
The plans of the Cousteau Society has continued in recent years and was recognized by Bucharest in 2007 with the nomination of Francine Cousteau as “Ambassador for the Danube Delta”.debat-ConvertImage

During the event, the Education and Communication Project Manager, Marcella De Oliveira Pinho Silva presented parts of the documentary in a discussion among environmental stakeholders about the importance to preserve the Romanian biodiversity.