Current news from the Ocean Climate Forum at the COP21 venue :

Key points:
COP21-MinistFrance - 1– Support to the development of a special report on the Ocean in the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), such a goal is currently supported by France, China, Monaco, Spain and some island states. A positive response has been received from the Chairman of IPCC.
– A mandatory system of monitoring of shipping emissions. France hopes that this mandatory mechanism will be adopted during the April 2016 session of the International Maritime Organization.
– Prohibition of single-use plastic bags in 2016 in France, and the aim of getting this commitment from as many countries as possible.
– Prohibition of fishing deeper than 800 m, but no date was provided.
– Deployment of educational marine areas in French Polynesia
– Strengthening the surface of the French EEZ (Economic Exclusive Zone) covered by marine protected areas (current commitment of 20% in France, compared to a 10% UN commitment proposal).
The position of France is important because this country has the second exclusive maritime zone after the USA.