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James H Jones

I can remember when I first met with Mose Richards who asked if my team would make a movie of Captain Cousteau. It changed diving for me forever. I also met Francine on that dive. She was very beautiful, very smart and very energetic, and seemed to really enjoy the diving even though the weather and seas were very rough. Later I really enjoyed even more helping Captain Cousteau with his Involvement day where he asked me to lectured on U/W Photography and U/W Cinematography, and U/W Marine Biology. JYC called me down to the main floor where I also helped James Taylor fix two of his guitars that were shipped in damaged. James Taylor was tall and his eyes were flashing over his two favorite guitars coming in damaged. I had access to a music store, with two of his new guitars. But his action and the way he played were so different we decided to tape them together and he played beautifully that night. Those were magical times. I remember JYC for one of the foremost minds in history of mankind probable better than Einstein or Edison. IN thought he approached things from the opposite angle we would and was always right. We continued to support the Cousteau Society with the funds we made from Seaspace, one of the largest U/W Film Festivals, of I which I was Director for two years, 1967 and 1969. I thought for many years we had donated the film “Diving With My Friends” to the Cousteau Society, but last year of all things my partner, Ron Blair sent me the film and it is in perfect shape. We would like to put it on Blue Ray and preserve it for posterity!

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