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Calypso est mise à l’abri

Calypso is under shelter

In the late afternoon of  October third, Calypso the workers began placing Calypso on a travel lift, this task was finished at around midnight.

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Au cœur de Calypso, partie 6

At the heart of Calypso, part 6

As the shed was being built, the naval architect and the carpenters were working hard to remove all the defective parts and replace them with the new ...

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Au cœur de Calypso, partie 5

At the heart of Calypso, part 5.

The warehouse is very close to completion , last week concrete was poured on the floor, we are now waiting for it to cure then we plan to move ...

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Au cœur de Calypso , partie 3

At the heart of Calypso , part 3

Good news from Turkey! Calypso’s shed is almost completed. We will be able to put her under shelter by early September.

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Au coeur de Calypso, partie 2

At the heart of Calypso , part 2

Here are the latest pictures from Calypso‘s restoration. The team of carpenters has been chosen and the preparation work is ongoing, as we can see ...

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Les choix de COUSTEAU récompensés

COUSTEAU’s choices rewarded

COUSTEAU is proud to have contributed to the recent inscription on UNESCO’s World Heritage List of a large area which includes two outstanding ...

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Requin baleine et requin-marteau planeur sur la liste rouge

Whale and winghead sharks move step closer to extinction

The two predatory species are added to IUCN Red Listof endangered species as pressure from fishing sees their populations fall by half in the last 75 ...

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Le trou d’ozone commence-t-il à guérir ?

Ozone hole starting to heal ?

Researchers have found the first clear evidence that the hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica is starting to heal. The scientists said that in ...

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