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Polluants retrouvés dans les fosses océaniques les plus profondes

Pollutants now found in Earth’s deepest oceanic ...

« We often think deep-sea trenches are remote and pristine, untouched by humans.* » But they are not. As demonstrated by researchers from the ...

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Cousteau : Capitaine Planète , documentaire

Cousteau : Capitaine Planète , documentaire

Documentaire diffusé sur France 2 dans le magazine “13H15 Le Samedi “.

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Alerte blanche sur la Grande Barrière

Great danger for the barrier reef

Australia’s natural wonder – the Great Barrier Reef – is in mortal danger. Bleaching caused by climate change has been worsen by a strong El ...

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Exposition Cousteau sur les Sons de l’Océan

Sounds of the Silent World exhibit

June 8th is World Oceans Day! View our exhibit “Sounds of the Ocean” at UNESCO from June 8-10! And join us for the inauguration on Wednesday 8th ...

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Au cœur de Calypso, partie 1

At the heart of Calypso, part 1

Meetings have taken place in order to establish the different stages of Calypso’s restoration.At this stage experts of different nationalities ( ...

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Transport de la Calypso vu par le Capitaine du cargo Abis Dusavik

Calypso transfer as seen by the Captain

Thank you Captain Geert de Boer for sending us this lovely video of the Calypso being transferred from Concarneau, France to Istanbul, Turkey aboard ...

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En avant les Mousses Cousteau du College Jacques Yves Cousteau de Rognac!

Let’s go ! Young sailors of the Jacques Yves Cousteau ...

The young sailors, with the help of their teacher, prepared a wonderful slideshow covering the life of Captain Cousteau. Very moved by the sincere ...

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ALCYONE : Nettoyage de Printemps 2016

ALCYONE : Spring clean

Sheltered in the Port of Caen- in Normandy – the Alcyone has been cleaned to perfection after an eventful winter.

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